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This page is the beginning of a which we hope will engage teachers through Australia and throughout the various education sectors.

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Education System

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is a quality assured national framework of qualifications in the school, vocational education and training (VET), and higher education sectors in Australia.

There are a number of ways of categorising the Australian Education System.

  1. The Schools Sector is made up of -
    1. Primary School (Generally 7 years)
    2. Secondary School (5 or 6 years, depending on state)
  2. The VET Sector -
    1. is made up of a number of public (TAFE) and private providers - all of whom must be registered by the Government and are therefore known as Registered Training Organisation's (RTO's)
    2. Provide Learners with qualifications from a Certificate I up to Associate Diploma Level
    3. Providers are usually more vocationally / practically oriented, and assessment is competency based
    4. Some early VET qualifications may be offered to students in the final years of Secondary schooling
    5. Generally qualifications can take from 6 months to 4 years, depending on the level and use.
  3. The Higher Education Sector -
    1. is usually made up of universities (Public, or government, universities predominate although there are some private universities as well)
    2. qualifications may commence at Associate Degree or Diploma (usually 1 to 2 years), Bachelors Degree (usually 3 to 4 years), and then various post-graduate levels.

An alternative categorisation is -

  1. The Pre-School Sector - sometimes known as Early Learning or Early Education, for children not yet old enough for formal schooling (which usually starts around age 5)
  2. The Schools Sector - made up of both the Primary and High (secondary) school levels
  3. The Post-School Sector (sometimes known as the Adult Education Sector) - made up of all education and learning that occurs after formal schooling and includes
    1. The Adult and Community Education Sector, which provides general learning courses for adults
    2. The VET Sector, which generally provides vocationally oriented courses
    3. The Higher Education Sector, which generally provides degree courses

In the past the Education System would have been categorised as -

  1. Primary - early school education (usually from about age 5 to 11 or 12)
  2. Secondary - high school education (usually from age 11 or 12 to 17 or 18)
  3. Tertiary - initially known as university level education, but eventually came to encompass all formal post school education

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