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Featured Project

Commonwealth Computer Navigator's Certificate (CCNC)

Coinciding with Software Freedom Day 2006 (16 September), Sir John Daniel, President and CEO of the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), announced plans to institute the Commonwealth Computer Navigator's Certificate (CCNC). This COL initiative will widen access to ICT skills training using free software and will be distributed as free content for anyone to use, modify and distribute.

The Navigator's certificate will equip many prospective learners on their voyage to become full participants in our knowledge society. It will be closely associated with the Virtual University for Small States of the Commonwealth, whose creation COL is facilitating on behalf of 24 small states. "Free content is a new miracle in education" said Sir John. "We must dispel the myth that developing societies can't participate equally in virtual methods of educational design and delivery. We can do this by creating more opportunities to acquire the prerequisite ICT skills, thereby throwing a wide bridge across the digital divide".

The content development for the course is in progress. Indian WE community is encouraged to activiely participate in the content development process to complete the CCNC course development in the current year itself.

Featured news

Wayne Mackintosh Yale 2010.jpg

Inaugural gifting campaign of WikiEducator launched

Message from Dr. Wayne Mackintosh, Founder of WikiEducator & Director OER Foundation

Hi Everyone,

A proud moment for WikiEducator -- we have just launched our inaugural gifting campaign. A special word of thanks to all WikiEducators who have helped us with the planning and development of our campaign. Thank you.

In the words of Professor Brenda Gourley, former Vice Chancellor of the British Open University: "To have reached the stage where we are technically able to share knowledge and enhance education right across the world is a wonderful thing. This sharing, however, cannot be done at zero cost. Suitable, web-ready material needs to be adapted, designed and paid for by somebody. The costs are extraordinarily modest by the standards used before OER and the benefits beyond imagination. In these days of scarce resources we cannot let the enormous potential of an excellent OER venture like WikiEducator to founder on the rocks of under-funding. I would hope that those who can give (however modestly) are fired by its importance and far-reaching effects - and give generously."

WE need your suppOERt -- help spread the word. Blog about our campaign and add the Donate button on your sites ( Chat with your organisations and departments to consider joining as Donor Partners -- or join as a Donor Partner in your personal capacity ( Add a donate link in your email signature. Post your ideas for a successful campaign on these lists.

WE are very grateful for all donations we receive, whatever the amount. We simply ask people to donate what they feel comfortable with and if the donation is meaningful to you, it is meaningful to the WikiEducator family. Make history with us and be among the first donors to appear on our public donation wall (

Working together we can make a difference in widening access to free and open education!


OER Workshop at Rupantar, Khulna, Bangladesh, March 31, 2012


CEMCA""" funded an Training Workshop on eContent Development at Rupantar'", Khulna, Bangladesh, where Savithri Singh was the main resource person. She was ably supported by Naimul Haque (T2) of NGO D.Net of Dhaka. There were twenty participants - mainly from Rupantar and some other NGO's. The partcipants were highly enthused and were asking for a longer follow up workshop which CEMCA may support.

OER development at University of Mumbai

100 0612.JPG

The L4C 71 - Open Education Resource Workshop was organized from October 16 -19, 2011 at the University of Mumbai with assistance of Commonwealth Of Learning Vancuver Canada. This was the first step in the effort of Commonwealth of Learning to support development of OER in Mumbai University. CEMCA the local office of COL has engaged Dr Savithri Singh and her team to guide the process.

Honourable Vice Chancellor Dr Rajan Welukar has the vision that University of Mumbai should lead the other universities by setting an example. University of Mumbai is the first traditional University to start this OER Venture that will take quality education global audience. Dr Rajpal Hande, Director Board of Colleges and Universities Development has been given the responsibility of providing necessary support on behalf of MU.

Dr Kavita Laghate is coordinating the effort of collaborative work between the academicians from Economics and Soft Skills arena.

Dr. Savithri SIngh, Principal Acharya Narendra Dev College, University of Delhi, and her team consisting of Dr. Ravi Toteja, Dr. Neeti Misra, and Dr Sarita Kumar are overseeing the whole project. The econtent is being uploaded on the wikieducator, while the quizzes etc are being uploaded on the Moodle plaform. the wikieducator pages are embedded in Moodle.

University of Mumbai wants to in time create the course contents of all the undergraduate programmes. As a pilot they have started on courses for first year in Economics and in Soft Skills. Economics is among the most taught subject in variety of faculties. Student require the skills for presentations, writing, listening across all the faculties. Hence these two subjects are taken to start the venture.

We are happy to be part of this project of University of Mumbai

L4C Workshop at TMU, Moradabad

TMU workshop.jpg

Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia(CEMCA) and Teerthanker Mahaveer University (TMU) organized three days WikiEducator Learning4Content workshop from 3/09/2010 to 5/09/2010. The L4C workshop was Co-ordinated by Er. Anchul Gupta, HOD CS Department. The facilitators of the workshop were Dr. Savithri Singh, Principal Acharya Narendra Dev College And Dr. Ravi Toteja,Assistant Professor, Acharya Narendra Dev College. The workshop was inaugurated by Professor KK Pande, Director COE, TMU Thirty Five faculty members participated in the workshop. For the list participants Click Here

WikiEducator Gives Back

'Announcing the "WikiEducator Gives Back" Online workshop; A unique opportunity to interact with some of WikiEducator's most seasoned and experienced facilitators and editors.

WE have achieved our targets in providing free wiki skills training to over 1000 educators this past year. Since our first pilot workshop in 2008, we have provided free training opportunities to more than 4,000 educators to learn how to develop OER the wiki way. In celebrating this gift of knowledge, we are hosting the "WikiEducator Gives Back" workshop were all facilitators donate of their time freely to help their WikiNeighbours. In the spirit of open philanthropy, the "WikiEducator Gives Back" annual workshop also provides an opportunity to scale-up our international team of Learning4Content facilitators.

Enrol now for the "WIkiEducator Gives Back" free online workshop - 21 July - 4 August 2010.

See earlier announcements from here...

Project Page

The project page is available from here. Project page contains a linked list of Open Distance Learning Projects being taken up by the WikiEducator community in India. The page also provides information on other ODL projects in India. All are welcome to enrich the page by providing links and preparing short notes on the Free and Open Distance Learning Projects in India that are not listed on the page so far. Please visit the project page from here Project Page

How can u participate

Hearty welcome to this wonderful family of Online Open Distance Learning educators in India on WikiEducator.

Here you can use the existing content, review the content, collaborate with the development of content and start new Online Free and Open Distance Learning Projects. You can also share your existing ODL pages/projects, if you can make it free under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License. The community also welcome you to be a part of community discussions on Wikied-India google group.

We would also appreciate if you can be a part of Team India to lead and direct this India Node on WikiEducator.

If you are new to Wikieducator, don't worry, there is online wikieducator tutorial to help you round the clock. WikiEducator online tutorial is a classical example for how online ODL lessons can be developed and arranged. Please visit the tutorial pages right now…

Indian WikiEducator Community

The Community members of WikiEducators in India are listed here

All userpages with link to India Page are listed on the link - Category "India" at the bottom of this page. Click it & see all the pages. They are 202 today (June 15, 2010). Cheers! If you are an Indian & have not yet added category India to your page do it now & get linked to the Indian community.

Featured WE:Dr. Cynthia D’Costa

Dr. Cynthia D’Costa is an Indian citizen interested in e-content creation. She has a unique educational background with M.A(Hist), M.Sc(Inorganic Chemistry), M.Ed. and Ph.D (Education). She has taught Mathematics, Science & Geography in school and Educational Philosophy and Educational Psychology at college.
Dr. D'Costa was part of the team that created courses 'Teacher as an e-learning specialist' and "Action Research" for The Yeshwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University which has launched a programme entitled Bachelor in e-education.
She came to Wikieducator in May 2010 as participant of one of the Learning4Content online trainings, and has since then been actively contributing content to WikiEducator. Her userpage was selected for UPE Award for September 2010.
Her view of WikiEducator is described here:

W here the learner is without fear
I mmediate help is quite near
K nowledge runs free
I nherent creativity on the spree
E nrichment for empowerment - the only goal
D eeply committed facilitators play their role
U and I work in tow
C aring to help one another grow
A world sans a digital divide
T hrough wikieducator we can provide
O pen Education Resources for all to use
R ejoice, Wikieducator brings you good news

Dr. Cynthia has motivated a number of teacher-educators and trainee-teachers to join the WE workshops. She recently completed a minor research project on "Constructivist Approach to Teacher Education vis-a-vis Online Learning". Her online course for Principals featured on her WE page got much appreciation and a modified version of the same was published by her in January 2011. Dr. Cynthia was selected for UPE Award of WikiEducator for September 2010. Her page is full of attractively organised content. She is interested in travelling,likes dabbling with computers, surfing the net. She loves word games, crosswords and puzzles like sudoku. She also likes creative work like drafting scripts for street plays. She reads extensively anything from psycho spiritual to comics. And she likes cooking too. An online WE course in Educational Research is her next target.

Meet here WE's featured earlier...

In the news

Ninth UPE Award for INDIA November 2011 out of the total 33 UPE Awarded so far. Cheers!

The User Page Expo Award is a monthly feature to honour innovative user pages of the new members of WikiEducator community. The name of the winner appears on the WikiEducator Main_Page as a Featured WE for the month the Award is given and this box is added to the winner Userpage Info Box.
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Earlier Winners are:

See the table below

Interesting WikiEducator Stats for July, August & September 2009

The latest Monthly statistics indicate that out of the Top SIX Pages with Maximum Edits, FOUR are from India. This has continued for July, August & September too! Shows that the Indian WikiEducators Community is most active. Cheers!

WikiEducator-India members at a Linux Meet

See the Presentation Slides of "Gita-Promila Talk" delivered on Feb.21, 2009, at a meet in JNU, New Delhi Presentation Slides‎. Also see the section 1.8 on page of Gita Mathur. The discussion included Gargi Faculty's experience with WikiEducator at the meet organised by Linux-Delhi Group.

Please see archived news here...

WikiEducator Ambassadors from India

Harsh Kumar, Gurugram, Haryana, India
Assistant Professor of Economics at Govt. P.G. College for Women, Fatehabad, Haryana, India.=='UPE AWARDS FOR INDIA==


This box is in their Infoboxes
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Indian Awardee No. Total International Awardees
Month & Year
First 6 December 2008 Dr. Gita Mathur
Associate Professor of Botany, Gargi College, University of Delhi, India
Second 8 March 2009 Dr. Dilip P. Barad
Associate Professor - English,Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India
Third 12 July 2009 Dr.Anubha Das
Assistant Professor of Zoology in Zakir Husain College, University of Delhi, India
Fourth 22 July 2010 Sanjay Kumar Pandagale
Assistant Professor in Education, NCERT, Bhopal, India
Fifth 24 September 2010 Dr. Cynthia D’Costa
Teacher-Educator at Pushpanjali College of Education, Vasai, Maharashtra, India
Sixth 26 March 2011 Dr Kalpana S Gupte
Deputy Director at Indira Gandhi National Open University, Regional Centre, Pune. India
Seventh 28 May 2011 DR K S Ramakrishnan
Assistant Professor, School of Education, Tamil Nadu Open University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
KSR Photo.jpg
Eighth 31 September 2011 Dr. Indira Koneru
Library & Information Professional, Distance Educator, and Learning Content Developer, Hyderabad, India
Ninth 33 November 2011 Mrs. Rashmi Kathuria
PGT(Mathematics), KHMS, Teacher trainer, blogger[1],[2]and admin [3],Delhi, India
Rashmi Kathuria.jpg
Tenth 35 January 2012 Balqis Thaahaveettil Lecture in Educational Psychology and Life Sciences. Online Tutor for ESL and Science RTENOTITLE
Eleventh 37 March 2012 Ravi Limaye M.Tech Student (NITTTR , Bhopal
Twelfth 39 May 2012 Pramod Kumar T.K. Assistant Director (Academic) at National Institute of Open Schooling.

Thirteenth 42 August 2012 Dr Sujata Dhopte Faculty, Department of Economics, M K Sanghvi college of Commerce & Economics;

Member, OER Team, University of Mumbai

Fourteenth 45 November 2012 Dr. Savithri Singh Principal of Acharya Narendra Dev College (ANDC).
Fifteenth 48 February 2013 Sarita Kumar Associate Professor of Zoology at Acharya Narendra Dev College, University of Delhi
Sixteenth 51 May 2013 Dr. Laxmi Narayan Yadav Assistant Professor of Economics at Govt. P.G. College for Women, Fatehabad, Haryana, India.
Laxmi Pic.jpg