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Botswana is a beautiful country situated in southern Africa. It is land of beautiful jewels such as diamonds. It is a haven of wild animals and this includes the popular big five and all sorts of birds. It has one of the best swamps(The Okavango) in the region and no tourist feels fulfilled unless they have been to these places(makgobokgobo)(Been there!!!! Done that!!!).

There are many sites in the country that are worth visiting like the Tsodilo Hills, the game reserves, and many other beautiful places. I love Botswana because of its peace, calmness and diverse natural resources. Important Links:

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There are many cultural groups in Botswana which co-exist peacefully. For a long time the country was known as a shining star of demaocracy in Southern Africa

I have visited thispage and find it so fascinating. Waooo!!