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WikiCaribbean, a Caribbean regional wiki, was borne out of the first Regional L4C Workshop held in Barbados during the period 3-5 November, 2008. Nineteen members from 8 participating Caribbean countries participated in this landmark event facilitated by Dr. Wayne Macintosh, eLearning Specialist, COL in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Barbados.

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  • To develop a Caribbean wiki learning community
  • To collaborate, as a region, on the development of free and open education resources using wikieducator
  • To develop in-country collaborative projects using wikieducator
  • To promote the use of wikieducator among educators in our respective countries
  • To sensitize the region to the benefits of free and open content and the open source movement
  • To widen the circle of wiki ambassadors in the region



This Day in History

Who are we and where are we Located?

Location of the Caribbean

The Caribbean is a beautiful and vast region spanning from Guyana in South America to the archipelago of islands in the Caribbean Sea leading to Belize and the Bahamas to the North West and North respectively. Our countries speak several different languages including Spanish, French, Dutch and English and a variety of creoles and other derivatives. We are composed of rich and multicultural societies and have produced outstanding world personalities in areas of music, academia, sport etc. For example, you may have heard of our famous cricketers such as Sir Garfield Sobers and Brian Lara or perhaps world footballer Dwight Yorke. What about Olympian Usain Bolt from Jamaica! We have also produced Nobel Prize winners from the Arts to the sciences and have contributed to international music with Reggae, Soca, Chutney and Calypso not to mention developing one of the most interesting musical instruments of the 20th Century - the Steel Pan. We are a proud and friendly people from a rich and varied historical heritage. At present, WikiCaribbean has active members from the English speaking Caribbean including countries such as:

Regional Wiki Ambassadors

The following Wiki Ambassadors are committed to the wikieducator movement and have all participated in wikieducator workshops, conducted wiki training in their countries or actively use wikieducator for collaborative content development. As we move forward we hope to widen the circle of ambassadors with the aim of promoting the development of free and open education resources in the region.

  1. Cathy Augier-Gill - St. Lucia
  2. Vaneisha Cadogan - Barbados
  3. Sean Corbie - Trinidad and Tobago
  4. Ruth Dottin - Grenada
  5. Susan Dougan - St. Vincent
  6. Steve Foerster - Dominica
  7. Mohandatt Goolsarran - Guyana
  8. Elia Grant-Fraser - Trinidad and Tobago
  9. Chester James - St. Vincent
  10. Cecil Johnson - Grenada
  11. Samantha Joseph - Guyana
  12. Dr. Olabisi Kuboni - Trinidad and Tobago
  13. Chesterfield Marshall - Barbados
  14. Ainsworth Ovid - Trinidad and Tobago
  15. Dr. Gillian Paul - Trinidad and Tobago
  16. Shawn Rhaburn - Belize
  17. Paula Sellier - Trinidad and Tobago
  18. Motielall Singh - St. Lucia
  19. Randolph Taylor - St. Kitts & Nevis
  20. Vaughn Woodley - St. Kitts & Nevis
  21. Dr. Wilma Wright - Belize

In-Country Projects and Activities

Regional Content Development

Past Events

New Events

  • Next online Learning4Content workshop: (March 23 - April 3, 2009. Spread the word and Register now!
  • Face-to-Face Learning4Content workshop underway in St. Kitts (planned for end of March 2009)
  • 3 Face-to-Face Learning4Content workshop underway in Trinidad & Tobago, in March/April and June during eLearn Conference, June 8-11, 2009.

Brainstorm - potential projects

  • Wiki training for the Caribbean region
  • Caribbean content development
  • Investigate existing resources and then add, enhance ....
  • Advocacy forum for open education resources
  • Regional needs, for example primary science, math literacy for primary, for remedial math course for tertiary level, visualisation of courses
  • Best practices for teachers in different subject areas and different levels.
  • Comprehension for tertiary level students
  • Providing teachers with hands on examples and teaching strategies
  • Homework helper

Other Ideas

  • a Proposed WikiCaribbean Logo (coming soon!)