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small nations - big project

Working together on free content

An initiative of the Virtual University
for Small States of the Commonwealth

The Group Members:
Front from left: Elia Grant-Fraser (TRINIDAD & TOBAGO),Sandhya Gunness (MAURITIUS), Gwendolyn Medford (BARBADOS), Linette Smit (NAMIBIA), Nokuthula Shabalala (SWAZILAND),Lu'isa Taufatofua (TONGA), Marie-Paul Havika (VANATU), Sharret Yearwood (BELIZE), Cheryl Evans(ST.VINCENT & THE GRENADINES), Anu Gungadeen (MAURITIUS)
Back from left: Paul West (VANCOUVER), Samuelu Faalafi (SAMOA), John Lesperance (SEYCHELLES), Stanslaus T. Modesto (BOTSWANA), Philip Serracino Inglott (MALTA), Isswar Jheengut (MAURITIUS), Alain Senteni (MAURITIUS)

Watch us at work here:

Week 2

Week 3


Personal Reflections

Use the following syntax:
*[[/Surname/| name, Country, Region]]