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Entrapreneurship Team

  • Overnight Stanley merged ideas from other course outlines into the one of the courses offered by him. This outline was accepted as the new course outline.
  • We met our team member from Samoa, Samueli, who arrived Yesterday due to delays in the flight.
  • It was noted that at the targeted level (post-secondary) the first Unit might require more that 10 notional hours.
  • While Philip put the course outline on the wiki, the others started looking for material and building up basic content on word/writer a specific section each.
  • The levels of familiarity and confidence with wiki vary widley within the group. While two members started putting building material online independently, the others needed help on how to use wiki.
  • By the end of the day, each member had put something online. While 1 notional hour was not achieved, a methodlogy is taking shape.


  • The targeted end result is still a bit fuzzy, moslty due to the paradigm shift in the working model, and lack of familarity with the tools at hand
  • The templates need to be improved to give the resulting output a more familiar look (it should be easy to imagine what the material will look like in print when looking at the wiki)
  • The proposed development/review method is not being followed, partly because of size of the team, and partly because it does not lend itself too well to this stage of development where skills are very mixed, and new ideas are still being explained.

Tourism Team

Paul discussed house keeeping matters

  • Refund for intransit expenditure
  • Allowance for participants to be given by UoM
  • Flash drives to be given to the participants for which they must sign
  • How participants felt about the accommodation

The participants then worked in their respective groups. For greater productivity the tourism groups combined into one collective body to finalise the course outline.

With this done the group was then subdivided into two groups and worked until 6 o'clock into the evening on the alloted units. Each group had two units to develop under the Effective Communication module.

The Enrepreneurship group developed an outline of the entire course -45 hours duration. Work has begun on developing the content for the first unit.