VUSSC/Mauritius BC/News/11 August 2006

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Wow can you believe it is five days of work already?

We had the following schedule today:

  • We planned our activities for the weekends we are here. Paul gave his "thank you" for our commitment ot the project and honoured Sharret with the "Team Slave Driving" Certificate. He also honored Monsieur Senteni and Madame Gunness with COL pins.
  • We went on the lawn of the UoM and took a group photo.
  • There are three presentations on Moodle by Mr. David Kennedy, Le Bocage International by Rechad Issack, and e-Potfolio by three exchange students at VCILT .
  • The tourism group met to finalize the content of the work the two groups had done separately.
  • Sandhya issued our weekly subsistence allowance - August 07-11, 2006

With this decided, the day had come to a close.