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Barbados is the most easterly of the islands in the Caribbean chain. It is a beautiful, low-lying island that serves as a hub or gateway to many of the other islands. For us, tourism is the number one industry; hence any discussion relevant to this industry is of importance to our economy.

The involvement of Barbados in a project such as this is of tremendous importance, for it shows our interests in collaboration on global scale, and continuous development through education. Barbados boasts an extremely high percentage of literacy, with free education offered to all its citizens, from primary to tertiary level. Education of all our people is a key issue for the Government of my country.

During these three weeks in Mauritius, the tenets of my country has been met.I have been able to contribute to the tourism content of the VUSSC project along with marketing my country to my fellow particapnts. Education is an on-going process; for me, I have learnt techniques in manipulating wiki, the eXe and moodle platforms, that I may share with my countrymen on my return to Barbados.

On behalf of the Ministry of Education and the particular organization I am associated, the Barbados Community College, Hospitality Institute (, I wish to express sincere thanks for this opportunity to work collaboratively in this innovative project. --Gwendolyn 08:19, 23 August 2006 (CEST)