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Firstly,I want to take this opportunity to thank specialy Col and all the person concerns who coordinate everything and make sure we arrive safely in Mauritius. The development of Open learning and e learning material is very important for a small country such as Vanuatu. Internet is such a newly introduced communication tool in my country and nowadays, the goverment is trying to make sure every island get access on it, but it is not quite easy because we have 80 islands in Vanautu.

The delivery of online courses will be very useful for the persons who may not be able to attend an institution full time or even part time, but can access the courses from a pc at home or elsewhere in their communities. This Workshop, here in Mauritius, is just a start and we still have lot of units to complete. It is not an easy task, but we can make it together. We all have a goal and we have to work together to achieve our goal.

Vanuatu is very glad to be part of this project.