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Thank you for letting me be part of this pioneering work. The possibilities of this global community forum are endless and I look forward to seeing it grow. As small states we look up to COL and trust that with them at the head of this initiative, we're on the right way. At the moment there are still many issues to sort out, and we're relying on our IT ghurus to make wikieducator even more interactive!

Namibia is moving with great strides in implementing major educational reform, especially with regard to Competency Based Education and Training in vocational institutions and industries, and lots of content are being developed by the Namibia Training Authority, NAMCOL, UNAM and other institutions in many different trade areas. We look forward to sharing and accessing content on this forum.

It was a great group of training providers, IT experts and content experts who were invited to this bootcamp, and a privilege to spend this time with them - we'll continue to learn from one another. Thank you to everyone who has made this possible, and specifically to Paul, Wayne, Sandhya, prof. Alain Santini and all the helpful staff at the University of Mauritius for a rewarding three weeks, and giving us opportunities to see a lot of the island. To the people of Mauritius - thank you for opening up your beautiful island to us!