VUSSC/Mauritius BC/News/10 August 2006

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Entrepreneurship Team

  • The team established what each member was doing.
  • Some team members continued to beef up content on their sections, while others edited work written by colleagues.
  • Before lunch, the team re-convened and revisited the course outline to determine items to be eventually included in the template for the business plan.
  • Discussed unit objectives, and agreed on terminology to be used when discussing the course.
  • Paul explained how to use applications on the memory stick (the "Virtual PC") given to participants

Tourism Team

  • The members of the group arrived here and were very keen to work.
  • The group realised that we needed to do some work with the course outline as there were few overlaps in what we have developed so far. We did this one as a whole group exercise.
  • A presentation was made on the FAIRE template that has been implemented by UoM for Social Workers for graduates students to stay in contact with the moderators and industry experts .
  • Paul gave a demonstration on how to download email remotely to store large amount of info and be able to transport between computers. Members could set up their own Gmail accounts