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Do we need another activity?

Wednesday - 16th Aug after a Public holiday (Tuesday)in Mauritius. The Entreprenueship team continued with the 'contents placement' for the second Unit. I myself(Faalafi) experiment with the layout of the Unit 3 of the Entreprenueship, and continue to put in contents for that unit. Wayne gave us a talk about wikieducators and other of its features. Also encouraged the use of the Forum to communicate. And it was plan to try this out after lunch. Activity after lunch: In the afternoon after lunch, both groups used the forum page to check and give feedback and suggestions of ways to improve the work already done. Then the other part of the exercise was to go back and reply to the comments. This took us to afternoon tea time.

And in the Tourism group: we divided (yet again!) into three groups with the aim of filling in content. All groups made good progress and reached their individual targets by lunchtime. One group used the time to develop activities, which made the page nice and interactive. Another group learnt to convert a diagram into PNG format and insert it into the page. Wayne had a short presentation on legal and ethical issues in Open Sourcing.

An online SWOT analysis
After lunch we wiki'ed our work and opened the forum for the purpose of Tour Guiding groups critiqueing the Entrepreneurials and vice versa, in terms of identifying strengths and potential improvements. All during this time, Wayne was standing on tables and bending under chairs to take winning pictures of all this.