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On behalf of the Institute of Distance Education (IDE), of the University of Swaziland, I thank COL for such a great initiative on collaborative content development. I am humbled when I think about all the planning involved. A few months ago, I had not thought it will be possible for me to ever learn practical, hands-on-skills on e-learning content development and even start to think to offer some components of IDE programmes and courses online. Now it's definitely all possible. I'm confident that with this great VUSSC team and a team of more colleagues back home, we shall take up this collaborative task to new heights and in the process learn many new skills. The VUSSC task has come at a right time, when the IDE is looking into offering some courses online. Also, I hope to pursue a research degree on how students experience online learning based on the pilot materials we're developing. To me the VUSSC task is therefore very fulfilling in many ways