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SUMMER 2021 . Course: 10246 . Department : CIS 2 61Z

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DeAnza CIS 2 - Computers and the Internet in Society *

  • 7. control .15 shareit control machinelearning Scratch -- ethics
  • 8. risk .14 risk transportation iothings. code write
  • 9. mobile .14 mobile apps ? moocs social media democracy participate
  • 10. future .14 future exploration . mixedreality
  • 11. final .-- groups
  • 12. peer .7 peer

official course outline

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CIS 2 - Computers and the Internet in Society

A critical examination of the capabilities and uses of the Internet, computers and cellular communications, and how they are changing business, law, politics, health, education, entertainment, and society.Course format is question-based student discussions and collaborative group projects.

CIS 2 Computers and the Internet in Society is a GE course. This is the online education section. The course includes lots of reading, discussing, critical thinking, and web-based research. CIS 2 is concerned primarily with the uses of technology (good and bad) and issues for society. We cover everything from accessibility for people with disabilities to identity theft. We discuss and research the impact of technology on computer crime, copyright, education, medicine, business and ethical issues.

Welcome to CIS2 - Computers and Society

  • Read the Syllabus. The Syllabus for the course is online. Please keep a copy for future reference.
  • Begin working on the assignments for this week. 1. Introductions. For each topic there is an Assignments page. Click on the Assignment link in the main CIS 2 course page, and a list of all the assignment activities for the topic are displayed in a separate window.
  • Introduce yourself in the discussion forum. We have a busy schedule for the semester. I hope you enjoy it!

Getting started

Community Service Learning - no longer required

partner projects

  • Scratch - review sample programs, write an intro
  • Engineering 4 Kids - review, write stories about people, places and things related to engineering for kids in K-8

14. Resources

CIS2 : Computers and the Internet in Society web readings - open educational resource replacing textbook. Textbook used in previous semesters is still available for purchase as the print version (new or used) or pay for 180-day access the online eTextbook version. Optional. NOT REQUIRED Summer 2012

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