11. Final Projects

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For the Final Project, you will be working collaboratively in small groups to research and present lists of reviewed resources for CIS2 topics. Working collaboratively online is challenging. This project is intended to give you an opportunity to use skills and technology to work through the process to produce a web-delivered presentation.

Learning outcomes

  • review course topics and significant resources
  • experience online collaborative writing
  • complete collaborative tasks with deadlines


  • collaboration

Study questions

  • How is online collaboration different from in-class group work?
  • What are some of the ways to improve communication within the group?
  • What are some of the ways that online group work can get off track?
  • What are the benefits of online collaboration?


For this Project, first individually, then together in your small project group, prepare public Google docs page that list the "best" resources for the course. All items in both lists are due on the same date - 11. Group Projects Due date

Project Groups - Your Project Groups Discussions group in Canvas is your group for this project. Start working on the Project now. Make contact using the Project discussion and work out a plan for the project. Put final Group Projects lists in the CIS2 Group Projects discussion.

  • Work with your group to set deadlines for completing individual lists, reviewing the lists of others in your group, discussing and selecting resources for the "group list", formatting and publishing the group list.
  • Some of the students listed in your group may not be actively participating for various reasons. Have a plan for getting the group project completed on time without them. This happens. You are graded on your participation only.

For Module 11. Final Projects Due date - ALL Individual Projects AND Group Projects must be completed. The Google docs pages must be SHARED - Anyone on the internet with this link can view. Submit only the document link.

  1. INDIVIDUAL Project submission - For your Individual Project Google doc, list 2 or more media selections for each of 10 topics. Submit the link to your Individual Project to Individual Project assignment, Individual Project discussion and your project group discussion.

  2. Group COLLABORATION - As a group, review the individual lists and determine the two "best" resources for each of 10 topics selected by the group through discussion and prepare the Group list Google doc with links and summaries for each selection. Post the link to your Group list to your group discussion topic.

  3. GROUP Project submission - when the project is complete, one person post a link to the project in the 12. Peer Review - Peer review and feedback discussion.

  4. Complete the Project Summary QUIZ about the collaboration and your participation in your project group.

Individual Work

Create your own summary report of resource selections and descriptions. Start by creating your Individual Project list. The template is view only. Make a copy of the Project template.

This is your project, for your benefit. This is your personal summary of the course. Use / reuse your own work, your own comments on provided selected media, links provided by other students with your own comments, and/or original research you do now for this project. Resources referenced can be articles or media - your choice.

  • On your own Individual Project, list all your individual selections. For each of the ten (10) topics in the course, provide links to resources that have been useful for understanding and advancing your knowledge of the course topic.
  • Note the source of each - Selected Media list, discussions, new searches.
  • Include a description of why you selected each resource. How does it relate to the module topic? What did it get you thinking about? What questions did it answer for you? Did it start an interesting discussion? Is it something that everyone needs to know? Did it make you smile? 2-3 sentences maximum.
  • Of the 2 or more you selected for each topic, indicate the one that you think was the BEST for this topic.
  • The Google docs pages must be SHARED - Anyone on the internet with this link can view. Submit only the document link.
  • Submit a link to your list in your Individual Project to the Individual Project assignment.
  • Post a link to your Individual list with your selections to your project Group discussion. Review the work of others in your group.
  • Post a link to your Individual list document in the Individual Project discussion in the module discussions. Look through some of the Individual lists from others not in your group.
  • ALSO Copy and paste your Individual list as a new post in the CIS 2 blog with your name as the title.

Group work - Collaboration

As a group, from the all individual lists from the group, pick the two (2) "best" resource for each of the ten (10) course topics, and describe the criteria for selecting from your combined lists for each of the topics. Use the Group template - view only. Make a copy. Record your group selections.

  • In the Projects discussion, post all your group discussions as replies to your project Group discussion. This is a good way to keep the group communications organized and available to all. Review the resources lists and descriptions and comment in your group, adding your thoughts about the selections and provide feedback to improve or enhance the Group Project page content for your group.
  • Group Projects page - Your group's project document is created as a collaboration. In your group's project document, include all the best links and a description for how the "best" ones were chosen. Work out how you will select the Group list selections and add these selections and descriptions to the Group Project page for your group. The Group Project page should be neatly and consistently formatted.
  • Make sure that your information is correct, links work, descriptions are college-level writing.
  • When the group project page is ready for Peer Review, one person in the group posts a link to the Group Project document in 12. Peer Review module to the Peer review and feedback discussion topic for the group.

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