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Engineering 4 Kids (E4K) - a kid-friendly exploration of everything engineering as a collection of stories about people, places and things, design challenges, projects, games - all yours to discover

  • Fall 2013 - new stories, resources this semester - add you work here

Engineering - creating solutions with ideas, processes, tools, exploring the "designed world"

  • Engineer - A person who uses scientific knowledge and principles to develop solutions to technical problems

Here are some things that we need to make Engineering 4 Kids bigger and better…

  • expand existing stories or write new ones to add to the E4K story collection - add you information with you name to the WikiEducator page Fall 2013
  • post questions about the Engineering 4 Kids community service activities to the Engineering 4 Kids discussion in the Community Service Learning forum

Some suggestions

  • videos – links to interesting videos (3-5 minutes) about engineering and man-made objects that interest you. We need the web address and a brief comment about why this is interesting.
  • additions, corrections – E4K stories are work in progress. There is always something new that comes along, so we are happy to add new information (and delete out of date information). if you see a problem or find a better resource for any of the E4K stories, please pass it along. It helps if you include the story web address as well as your feedback.
  • finish a partial story. Most stories have a status indication at the end of the story. Some stories need a lot of work, some just a little.
  • engineering design challenges – suggest a story to add to E4K collection. Tell us everything you know and any questions that you have, too.

Incomplete stories - Some stories need a lot of work, some just a little. Most stories have a status indication at the end of the story. This is a quick guide to what is needed.

  • ..r2d2 - complete - add new information, updates
  • ..r0d0 - just a placeholder - great topic for a story, may include a link to an article to help get started
  • .. anything else - needs work - basic story idea is there. To do - research, interesting story facts, examples, design questions, activities, other related online resources

Pictures - It is nice to have at least one interesting picture with each story


  • Mostly from YouTube - we try to find videos that don't have ads, but sometimes that is only version available of a great video related to a story.
  • best length - 1-4 minutes. Long enough to tell the story. Not too long for K-8 audience

Online resources, articles, textbooks

  • No login required to access information
  • Link to sites without ads if possible, or K-8 appropriate ads, if there are ads

Story outline

story, examples, links to information source

picture - from


**What do you think?**

  • ask * imagine * plan, create * improve

**Engineering ideas** > . engineering concepts, topics, technical vocabulary

**Show and Tell** Now it is your turn. Here are some challenges for you to work on...

**News, updates**

**Learn more...**

  • interesting information for someone who wants more intormation about this story subject