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[DeAnza CIS] Missing assignments

You are enrolled in the DeAnza College CIS distance learning course. All coursework is completed and submitted online.

You are behind in the assignments. Are you having problems? Do you need some help? Do you plan to continue in the course? I need to hear from you immediately.

For continued enrollment in this CIS distance learning course, you must contribute to weekly online discussions and submit quizzes and assignments for each course topic. These DeAnza students' attendance and course participation policies comply with state funding requirements.

As of this week, your participation in this CIS distance learning course does not meet the minimum level of participation. You may be dropped from this course. If you want to explain your situation, please let me know immediately.

I understand that you have many responsibilities and priorities that prevent your full participation in the course. If you drop the course, I hope that you will consider taking this course in the future when you can complete the course successfully.

If you have comments or questions, I would appreciate hearing from you.


Valerie Taylor
Instructor - CIS
DeAnza College