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Grading Criteria

Weekly Assignments

The assignments for this course require more than browsing, grazing, and collecting other people’s ideas. Grades are based on demonstrating that you are taking the time to challenge those ideas or you can build and discuss ideas of your own.

Each of the weekly assignments will be graded against the following criteria. Although the number of points for the assignments vary, this is an indication of how points are awarded and the relative importance of the criteria. Some assignments say "2-3 sentences" as a guideline but you are not limited to this. Write more to make your point if you need to.

  • Thoughtful analysis of the issue - Why is this important? Includes brief statement about the issue.
  • Commentary providing your personal opinion - What do you think?
  • Impact on society - So what?
  • College level writing. Deductions for grammar and/or spelling errors
  • Extra points for particularly insightful replies that exceed the requirement for this assignment.


Projects are required to demonstrate college-level writing. Each project requires references to other work. These references must be cited in APA (American Psychological Association) format. For more information about APA (American Psychological Association) formatting, see

Each project is scored in each category according to the criteria above. Grade 1-4 (4 is best).

CATEGORY 4 - Excellent 3 - Good 2 - Needs Improvement 1 - Poor
Mechanics No misspellings or grammatical errors. All APA citations used correctly. Three or fewer misspellings and/or mechanical errors. Most APA citations correct but some incomplete or incorrect. Four misspellings and/or grammatical errors. APA citations incomplete or incorrect. More than 4 errors in spelling or grammar. No citations or references.
Organization Content is well organized. Uses headings or bulleted lists to group related material. Content is logically organized. Topics lack logical organization. There was no clear or logical organizational structure, just lots of facts.
Originality Product shows significant original thought. Ideas are creative and inventive. Product shows some original thought. Work shows new ideas and insights. Uses other people' ideas (giving them credit), Little evidence of original thinking. Uses other people' ideas without credit and/or includes copied text.
Requirements All requirements are met and exceeded. All requirements are met. Requirements incompletely or missing. Number of requirements incomplete or missing.
Content Covers topic in depth with details and examples. Subject knowledge is excellent. Includes essential knowledge about the topic. Subject knowledge appears to be good. Includes essential information about the topic but there are 1-2 factual errors. Content is minimal or there are several factual errors.

(for group projects only)

Significant contributions and participation by all team members. Deliverable is written collaboratively. The workload is divided and shared fairly by all team members.Some evidence of collaborative writing. One person in the group is viewed as not doing his/her fair share of the work. Individual contributions. Little collaboration. Several people in the group are viewed as not doing their fair share of the work. Little or no collaboration.

Final Project Summary

Everyone will get 2 grades – one for the paper – everyone on the team will get the same.

The second grade, Final Project Summary, is for your participation. The participation grade is based on your comments, feedback from the team and my review of discussions and shared information relating to the project work. This grade is intended to weight the impact of the Final Project grade so that the combined score takes into account the quality of the group project and the effort of the individual. The total score fairly represents the grade earned by each group member.

Participation scores

  • outstanding contribution, competent group leadership, extensive participation
  • good participation, extra effort, took on additional duties, finished/fixed work not completed by other members, significant contribution to team's success
  • adequate participation and effort, did minimum required
  • effort and contribution less then adequate, put extra burden on other members