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Final group projects

Community service learning

These are suggestions for community partner organizations, and service learning opportunities for this semester.

Read through the project information and select a project. You will be working individually on the Community service learning project. However, other students may select the same community partner organization to work with.

  • Project Gutenberg - proof reading
  • Tar Heel Reader - creating easy reading online picture books for young adult learners
  • Local Community Service - for students who are already working with a community partner organization
  • select your own online community service project - if there is a not-for-profit (preferably online) community service learning project that meets the requirements, please talk with your instructor about working for this organization - you must have Instructor approval before you do your actual community service work.
  • Online Volunteering is a web site where you can use the internet and other technology skills to help the global community. There is work offered on this site in a variety of topics at varying skill levels.