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The following art works are a somewhat eclectic collection, that blends international and local art. The links take you to project descriptions written by students in my new media class.

2010 Brett Stalbaum Walking tools

2009 Brett Stalbaum Pukekura Park Demonstration/Environment and Sustainability GPS Tours

2007, 2001 Lisa Reihana Digital marae

2006 Alex Monteith Composition for farmer, three dogs and 120 sheep

2003 Blast Theory Uncle Roy All Around You

2002 Natalie Jeremijenko Feral Robotic Dogs

2001 Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin Listening post

1986-2000 David Rokeby Very Nervous System

1999 Eduardo Kac Genesis

1998 Heath Bunting Own, Be Owned, or Remain Invisible

1996 Stelarc Ping body

1987 Tatsuo Miyajima Model 100

1976 Bill Viola He Weeps for You

1974 Steina and Woody Vasulka Noisefields

1973 Peter Weibel Beobachtung der Beobachtung: Unbestimmtheit (‘Observation of the Observation: Uncertainty’)

1970 Bruce Nauman Live-Taped Video Corridor

1969 Les Levine Contact: A Cybernetic Sculpture

1966 EAT EAT/9 evenings: theatre & engineering

1965 Nam June Paik K-456

1959 Len Lye Harmonic

1956 Atsuko Tanaka Electric Dress

1951 John Cage Imaginary Landscape No. 4 (1951)

1923-1930 László Moholy-Nagy Light-Space Modulator

1919-20 Naum Gabo Kinetic Construction (Standing Wave)