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This is page for Model 100 by Daniel Hoult

Tatsuo Miyajima began his performances in 1980 when he was a student at an art school.He was interested in performance art for 5 years but then stopped for 10 years in which he realised and had an idea that objects might be perpetually transforming, not just a solid state.With that idea and inspiration in his mind he began creating objects that are essentially unstable,he began and got involved in the potential of light and movement and came to the conclusion that these new objects he had created were 'performing'. Tatsuo states 'I wanted the object to be as active as possible, so that the performance instillation would be a live performance, this would create a different relationship between art and its audience'.Numbers in Tatsuos artwork are part of a "figural and associative set of experiences" therefore at the same time they are abstract.His fascination with LED spawned in Tokyo, LED helped him formulate his core concepts.In his model 100 series number 100 shows some green lit LCD modules arranged in a chequered pattern way. As the viewer approaches the artwork 'they will recognize a flicker in his eyesight but will realize that each display has its own plane and is not connected to the other displays.The ordered appearance from afar then suddenly changes into a bunch of individual elements'.