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Otago Polytechnic

Otago Polytechnic
Designing for flexible learning practice
Facilitating online communities
Adventure Tourism
Analyse clients needs
Business administration
Complex sales transactions in a retail or distribution environment
Computer Literacy Resources
Computer spreadsheet applications
Constructing Courses To Enhance Learning Design Theory
Create and maintain a basic weblog
Cultural Greetings
Design a themed dinner
Design and recognise the branding requirements of a tourism organisation
Develop skills for tertiary study
Digital art timeline
Digital information literacy
Electronic and manual reservations systems
Electronic/manual reservation systems
Essay Writing Skills/Activities
Establish sponsorship
Evaluation of eLearning for Best Practice
Evaluation of eLearning for Best Practice/Assessment/Assessment criteria
Experiencing adventure tourism
Facilitating the learning process of kinesthetic learners in the online environment
Financial systems used within a tourism organisation
Food Safety
Gauge and process catering requirements
Horticulture/Sustainability fund
Improving your literacy
Investigate venue selection
Learning Resources
Management Administration Services
Marketing techniques in a tourism organisation
Massage Therapy Educational Resources
Methods for Teaching and Learning Online
Networked learning
Nutrition for pregnancy
Occupational Therapy
Open educational resources and practices
Operations and information systems in tourism
Otago Polytechnic/Copyright panel
PDFL/Example 2: Designing for Flexible Learning Practice
Peer tutoring
Permaculture design
Permaculture ethics, principles, methods and outcomes
Planning for Small Business
Practise food safety methods in a food business
Prepare and implement an interpretation plan
Prepare quotes and service fees
Process travel, including accounts
Psychology in Occupational Therapy
Referencing using APA
Sales and Marketing
School of Art Digital Literacy
Skills required for staff working in the tourism industry
Sustainable practice in business
Tertiary learning and teaching
The Anatomy and Physiology of Animals
The tourism industry globally and locally
Therapeutic massage
Tour Guiding
Tourism Enterprises
Travel Operations
Travel and Tourism
Wholesale Tour Operations