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This work-based, flexible programme of study allows you to gain a formal teaching qualification as a learner-centred educator in the tertiary environment. It is designed to support and extend those working, or intending to work as educators with adults, and assist them to create, deliver and assess quality learning opportunities.

This programme includes four compulsory courses focused on the practical elements of tertiary learning and teaching. There are also a variety of elective options. The courses are offered through a blend of online and face-to-face teaching methods.

Learner Centred Learning

To examine adult learning approaches and explore how underpinning theories, principles and practices can be used to create learner centred environments that enable all students to achieve successful learning outcomes in a variety of contexts. To facilitate learning by adopting and fostering active, interactive and deep learning strategies which support meaningful interaction with concepts, materials, activities and people.


Flexible learning

To enhance the understanding of flexible teaching and learning principles and processes, and their application to the design of flexible learning practices.


Assessing and Evaluating for Learning

To expose participants to a range of learner centred assessment theories, principles and practices which enable participants' to design or select, and implement appropriate assessment tools.


Constructing Courses to Enhance Learning

To assist participants to design flexible learner centred courses and integrated programmes linking outcomes with learning activities, content and assessment, and accommodate learner, discipline, departmental, organisational, and industrial or professional body needs.


Gaining Foundation Skills for Learning and Teaching

To provide participants with information, skills and support enabling lecturers new to teaching to offer quality learner centred education to tertiary students.


Assessing for Prior Learning

To enhance participants' understandings of, and insights into, the principles and practices of prior learning and associated debates in a tertiary context and explore how evidence can be presented and assessed. To prepare participants for a prior learning assessment process using an e-portfolio model designed to evaluate evidence against predetermined learning outcomes or through face to face professional assessment conversations with supported evidence.


Facilitating Te Tiriti Workshops

To provide intending Te Tiriti workshop facilitators with knowledge of New Zealand history, awareness of historical events leading to the signing of Te Tiriti O Waitangi and understandings of the subsequent place of the Treaty in New Zealand legislation, policy and social conditions of the signatories. To engage participants in respectful conversations and activities which acknowledge learning journeys, build meaningful relationships and contribute to the development of appropriate teaching resources.


Writing For Journal Publication

To provide a scholarly writing framework that enables participants to transform aspects of their practice and/or research into publishable journal articles. To support participants through the drafting, critiquing, rewriting and editing stages while being mindful of the purpose and readership of the article and the specific journal requirements to which it will be submitted.


Special Topics

  • Embedding Literacy and Numeracy into Courses. To gain RPL for this special Topic speak to the course coordinator for GCTLT