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This is an outline for a project seeking funding within the Otago Polytechnic to develop demonstrative/how to resources for various methods of teaching and learning online.

Project Goal

To develop an information and instructional resource for understanding and implementing various teaching and learning methods. The resource will be primarily web based, but designed to output to print and other portable media. The project will explore options to package the instructional materials as IMS/SCORM packages so that local institutions can deliver the materials in their own learning management systems. The resource is to be internationally and collaboratively developed, intuitive and engaging to use, and free and open in license.

Related projects

  1. Otago Polytechnic teacher training
  2. TALO
  3. Commonwealth of Learning Wikieducator initiative
  4. MobilEd Initiative
  5. Free Online Workshops

Possible issues and considerations

Formatting and hosting system...

Interesting ideas

  1. For converting wiki pages into a print resource - see Pediapress, pitty this is not open but worth lobbying for international funding to develop a FLOSS equivalent.
  2. Exe could be used to convert pages into SCORM/IMS packages. eXe includes the ability to 'scrape' WikiEducator pages using the Wiki Article iDevice. See note on the Wiki Article iDevice here.
  3. Using a wiki to create simple games: see the Learning design challenge.