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Copyrights at Otago Polytechnic

2009 EDC H100 Friday 12 June, 10am

  • David McQuillan - Massage Therapy
  • Fiona Mains - Occupational Therapy
  • Helen Lindsay - Foundation Studies
  • Susan Ellis - Educational Development
  • Pam McKinlay - Art
  • Leigh Blackall - Educational Development
  • Veronique Olin - Educational Development

Audio recording

  • Updating on the state of copyright in New Zealand
  • Veronique to look into the Victoria University guidelines as found on the Ako Aoteoroa website, and develop a guide for departments
  • Include the free media search:
  • Looking at Otago Polytech's IP and Copyright policies
  • Confirmation from Robin Day that the Copyright Policy has been made consistent with the Intellectual Property Policy
  • Considering a draft media release to propose replacing the one used by Marketing


  1. Dave to upload audio recording
  2. Pam to start the Wikispace (I added notes to Wikieducator for now)
  3. Veronique to locate the Victoria Uni guidelines
  4. Meeting continues on the email list, therefore further actions as follows:
  5. Pam to help Veronique find Vic Uni guidelines
  6. Leigh to progress media release proposal to Leadership (requiring discussion here first)
  7. Wiki to have an actions section to refer to (Leigh has added to Wikieducator for now)

Copyright management issues

2008 a learning network forum at Otago Polytechnic invited speakers to a workshop for Otago Polytechnic and University of Otago staff.

Bill Robertson Seminar Room BG1 Ph:03 479 3793

Thursday 28th August, 12.30pm.


  • Simon Hart - Otago University (Copyright) Community of Practice
  • Pam McKinlay - Copyright and digital content management
  • Rua McCallum - Maori IP
  • Leigh Blackall - Educational Development at Otago Polytechnic

Audio recording

Otago Polytechnic has a new IP Policy, which will enable us to do many things with regard to development within an open access framework. To enable this we need to outline responsibilities for staff involving copyright and licencing - clarifying as much as possible any uncertainties with regard to the limits of Educational exemptions and Fair Dealing in New Zealand Law, Copyright Law in non-NZ countries, and responsibilities including licencing their material.