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"For the gains in autonomy, democracy, justice, and a critical culture to materialize, the practices of nonmarket information production, individually free creation, and cooperative peer production must become more than fringe practices. They must become part of life for substantial portions of the networked population." - Yochai Benkler, The Wealth of Networks.

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Employer:NICAI, University of Auckland
Nationality:New Zealand / USA
Country:New Zealand
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About Me

I live on Waiheke Island, New Zealand/Aotearoa and I am a Sysop & Beauracrat for Wikieducator as well as currently on the Community Council.

I am currently undertaking a Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary) at the University of Auckand, School of Education. While I've been away from Wikieducator for some time now, I may start to use again as I pursue my studies.

Previous things I've worked on 'round here and here

I attended the Tectonic Shift Think Tank in Vancouver in April, 2007 and the FLOSS4Edu Pacific Workshop in Wellington, August 2007.

Please feel free to join our


Visit this Group

or chat with some of us on IRC @ #wikieducator on Freenode. You can now access this IRC channel by clicking the Web Chat link in the Navigation area to the left (I'm countrymike ... that's another story.) I'm also often to be found on #wikiversity-en or #exe.

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Web Resources

*Pedagogy of the Compressed - my blog

To Do


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My ToDo List

Wiki Pasifika

Brainstorm Information Literacy Tutorials for WikiEducator.

Develop IRC How-To / Primer ( see: Help on IRC )

Take a look at this: for possible import into Wikieducator.

Participate in FLOSS4Edu project. - See: Wiki Pasifika

Start work on the Community portal page. Feel free to drop your thoughts on this in my Talk page.

Think about what might go into an Advanced Tutorial. see: Advanced Tutorial Notes

ask about parsers:

The Beach where I go to play.







Collapsible Boxes

Community Portal Redesign

MainPageBox - development/testing of new front page box for WikiEducator. More up-to-date, see: Talk:Main_Page/MainPageHeaderBox

Feeds - test of <rss></rss> tags in WikiEducator

/Using_Flickr - start on a resource on using Flickr, would like to hook this up with Networked learning




Learning Design Blueprints




Websites with Wordpress

COL test

Useful Links