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Navigational Templates


Version #1: Topics with Subtopics

Simple syntax for adding Topics and Subtopics. Also uses collapsible table. Syntax would either need to be cut'n'pasted into each page, or I may experiment with using an inputbox to create a unique template for a project which may then be transcluded into pages using the standard syntax to include/transclude templates.

These instuctions are somewhat deprecated See: Template:TopicsWithSubpages for more up-to-date info.

Pages Used

Working Example

Edit page to view syntax.

Syntax that produced the above

|state   = (either left blank, collapsed, or plain can be entered here.)
|title   = Test of a Navigation Template with Topics and Subtopics
|image   = [[Image:tutorial.png|32|]]
|above   = Welcome to this content!
|topic1  = [[Wikieducator_tutorial/What_is_a_wiki|What is a wiki?]]
|section1   = [[Wikieducator_tutorial/What_is_a_wiki/Advantages_and_disadvantages|Advantages and Disadvantages]]{{Vbar}} [[Wikieducator_tutorial/What_is_a_wiki/About_wikieducator|About WikiEducator]]{{Vbar}}  [[Wikieducator_tutorial/What_is_a_wiki/Summary_and_FAQs|Summary and FAQS]]
|topic2  = [[Wikieducator_tutorial/Creating_an_Account|Creating an Account]]
|section2   = [[Wikieducator_tutorial/Creating_an_Account/Benefits|Benefits]]{{Vbar}} [[Wikieducator_tutorial/Creating_an_Account/Instructions|Instructions]]
|topic3  = [[Topic Three]]
|section3    = blah blah blah
 etc, etc, etc, ...
|below   = Some text that could go on the bottom.

Problems / Issues

  • can't use | to seperate out the subtopics because it is interpreted as part of the template; may be able to put in later as part of syntax .. but probably not. Only solution may be to make a template of the | page and transclude it, ie. {{Vbar}}

Version #2: Project Navigation

These instuctions are somewhat deprecated See: Template:ProjectNav for more up-to-date info.


|image   = 
|title   = My new project
|tagline = Because sometimes you've just got to start a new Project!
|pages   = [[One]]{{Vbar}} [[Two]]

Problems / Issues

  • change use of H1 for bolding, etc as mediawiki wants to style these as part of main.css.