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What others have said

see: FLNW2#Why_.3F

1) What impact does the Internet have on the lives of people and communities that we will visit?

2) Are there ways our skills, knowledge and experience as knowledge workers/ networked educators can enrich the lives of those we meet?

3) Are there ways the skills, knowledge and experience of those we meet can enrich and inform what we do as (networked) educators?

4) Is there scope for ongoing cross cultural collaboration for the mutual benefit of TALO members and those in the communities we visit?

Alex Hayes first thoughts are ;

  • trying to get a handle on what other cultural groups / communities regard as acceptable levels of e-learning access
  • getting a better idea on how much I take for granted with regards to sustainable networked connection of all types
  • where does my creative practice overlap these popular technology paradigm and do the two mix ?
  • whats the politic governing TALO and how can we as a group grow into an international think-tank beyond down over contributing as technology stewards to those communities interested in our contributions ?

My .10 worth

I've always said that every journey is about 'something' but that you don't actually know what that 'something' is until you've been and come back. You may think that your journey is about experiencing a new culture, a monumental work of art or architecture, or some natural wonder but those are just peripheral in a way -- the real journey is something that you take inside yourself. It's an internal trip or dialog with your perceptions, your fears, your core; and only after it's all over will it become clear what the purpose of your trip really was.

Basically, in a nutshell, that's why I want to go on FLNW2.

Part of me is really tempted to leave everything electronic behind: no laptop, no mobile phone, no camera, no media player, no radio. No .pngs, tags, or html markup will be exported from my self until I know what it's all been about. I'll take pencils and a variety of papers; in each country i'll buy a small knife. If I knew how to play a guitar, I'd probably bring that -- but I don't. I really think that's what I'm going to do.

Why? I've always liked this idea by Ulises Miejas that all this online social networking should really be making us better at socializing and networking in our real physical worlds. Perhaps this will be an experiment in this. Perhaps I'll be like a control group for the rest of the travellers.

I'll shake lots of a hands. Too bad I gave up smoking really. Oh well.