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hi there, i am very confused by the portals and categories. how should i catalogue ICT - for secondary? hope u can help!! thanx!!! Kakamora 18:43, 20 October 2008 (UTC)

Thanks for that - I've added ICT to the Secondary portal Kakamora 16:55, 23 October 2008 (UTC)



I've just come back to Wikieducator and have not set up a template for ages; I know the syntax of the template but how do I start one? Where do I generate it so that it sits with all the other list of templates please?

Regards Sue

!Hi Sue; just saw your question; if you pop up to the web address in the browser and type; hit enter, it will take you to a blank template and you hit the edit tab and off you go. (where 'sample' is whatever name you like for your template. Cheers, & Brent, I hope I have not violated any wiki conventions by answering in your discussion page; CheersDmccabe 03:27, 27 November 2007 (CET)


Hi Brent, I am placing some anatomy and physiology worksheets on Wiki Educator to support my Wikibook called The Anatomy and Physiology of Animals and have come across a number of editing issues I am stuck with. I wonder if you could tell me:

1. How to underline script

Ans Select the Text and from Rich editor press the underline botton

2. How to centre tables on the page

3. How to make the column size/cell size the same in tables

4. How to make a blank cell in a table that still has margins

Cheers Ruth Lawson, Otago Polytechnic

Ruth, have responded to your questions here: User talk:Ruthtlawson. brent 01:43, 27 November 2007 (CET)

Although mining policies have increased mining investment in Ghana (formerly Gold Coast), environmental policies have not been enacted to prevent deplorable living conditions in these mining communities. Due to the country’s richness in mineral resources, the mining sector in the economy holds the highest multinational investment venture. This is evidenced in Ghana’s production of significant amount of bauxite, aluminum, manganese, diamond and gold, with gold being the dominant mineral operation in the country. Apart from South Africa, Ghana is the second largest producer of gold and the third largest in the production of aluminum and manganese in the African continent (Coakley, 2000).

My Sandbox is colored red

I can not figure out why the word My Sandbox in my User: Ptauriki is colored red. Did I miss something out?

Regards, Paul

Oops.. I broke something

I was adding the above description, hit save. Now pages with this Category are displayed as blank. I can't get back to fix it.

Sorry about that. ..Valerie

include one page in another

I remember the discussion. I don't remember if you can include/embed one page in another. If so, what is the syntax?

I want to put all the text of the specific guidelines for this semester

into the wrapper page which is the same each semester

Thanks ..Valerie

unable to access user page

I am currently unable to access my user page. Is there any way to get it back?--Benjamin Stewart 20:49, 13 April 2009 (UTC)

embedding external image

Kiaora Brent

I am trying to embed the following external image in Blueskin Bay FM/News:

I don't know how.


Help with my box/page template

Hi Brent, Can you help me fiddle with this template? I've used

[{{fullurl:User talk:BrentSimpson/{{{Left box 1 title}}}|action=edit}} edit]  

{{{Left box 1 title}}}

{{User talk:BrentSimpson/{{{Left box 1 title}}}}}

[{{fullurl:User talk:BrentSimpson/{{{Right box 1 title}}}|action=edit}} edit]  

{{{Right box 1 title}}}

{{User talk:BrentSimpson/{{{Right box 1 title}}}}}

but I'd like to tweak it. 

I'd like it to look like this:

Page wide box Page wide box Left column | Right column Bottom box Bottom box

Can you help? Cheers, Mark


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I think I messed up with my user page while creating . entire format have gone.

Vijianup (talk)00:29, 25 June 2016

Editing is locked

Hi Brent, I am trying to edit our WikiResearcher page and this is the message I get on all the pages. How do I unlock them? Warning: The database has been locked for maintenance, so you will not be able to save your edits right now. You may wish to cut-n-paste the text into a text file and save it for later.

The administrator who locked it offered this explanation:

This wiki is currently read-only. The WikiEducator community is available at

this comes from



Dbridge2 (talk)19:30, 18 April 2012

Since only spammers were using WikiResearcher, I set it to read only so that I didn't need to do so much housekeeping. I've re-enabled editing.

JimTittsler (talk)23:01, 18 April 2012

EXe localisation

Hi Brent,

On your vision page I see "We currently have 2 African Languages" (for eXe).

Are these the two done during the developer roadshow in Ghana?

Where can one find the relevant files and instructions on localising eXe to be able to extend that work? If you have the time, please add links on this page (or e-mail me).



KTucker (talk)22:27, 31 August 2010

have you graduated now yet with your MA/MS? _EMEese :)

Wikademia (talk)14:34, 22 December 2009

um, nearly. i've handed it in but not received a mark yet. it may take some time.

BrentSimpson (talk)14:25, 12 February 2010

Centering The Man with the Golden Arm

Hi Brent,

Yes I was trying to centre it! Thanks. What was the command you used?



Badger (talk)22:59, 23 September 2008

Badger: I used |center inside the image tag ... so something like


BrentSimpson (talk)13:53, 25 September 2008

Guidance for the Perplexed

Congratulations on your election to the Council. Also thank you for contributing a response to my Guidance for the Perplexed page. I have summarised the useful points made by contributors as follows:

Summary of points:[edit]

  • Mechanism for raising points with Council
  • Council sets priorities


  1. Establish Taxonomy
  2. Standard naming conventions as part of the style guide
  3. Increase range of sysops and bureaucrats
  4. Create Tools
    1. E-mail newsletter with guidance notes
    2. Tutorial for newbies
    3. Portal pages
    4. Creation of bots
  5. Integration of categorisation into training
  6. Development of users with advanced skills in categorisation and organisation of site
    1. Advanced Tutorials
    2. Barnraising
  7. Promote use of "MyTitle"
  8. Encourage wiki gardening

I hope this proves useful.Leutha 15:30, 21 September 2008 (UTC)

Leutha (talk)04:32, 22 September 2008

National and Transnational Curriculum Framework for WE

Hi Brent,

Leigh Blackall working with Otago Polytechnic in Educational Development has set up a page for discussions on WE framework of National and Transnational curriculum in the WikiEducator gorup on Google Groups. The discussions are very much interesing and constructive. All WE community members are warm welcome to make it a permanent venue for discussions on Curricula. The intermediate outputs on the discussions will be added/ linked to the Curriculum Project Node ( ) on WE

Warm regards Anil

Anil Prasad (talk)02:02, 6 August 2008

Biology category

Hi Brent,

The biology category is a good idea. I'll pop a few more pages in there when time permits. A possible downside of including it in the BES template is that it picks up some of our less useful procedural pages like shopping lists. Granted the shopping lists are transient so not a big issue. On the positive side, it beats having to enter the category on all of the sub-pages we have. I think we need more categories! Nice organizational tool. Cheers Dmccabe 03:50, 13 February 2008 (CET)

Dmccabe (talk)15:50, 13 February 2008

Dmccabe ... yea, but I suppose that the shopping list is still related to a previous biology lesson though so thats not too bad. I was going to add it to all the pages manually, but got lazy and added it to the template instead - it's a nice trick when working with templates. I'm about to launch into further categorisation and creating some portal pages for the different types of education, secondary, tertiary, etc... so watch this space. Great stuff too by the way; really well developed and useful.

BrentSimpson (talk)17:13, 13 February 2008

Thanks for the kind comments! We are behind because of weather issues. The students develop a lesson plan, we work with local schools to try them out (good for us; good for them). However, for two weeks in a row now, heavy snow and wintery mix storms during morning rush hour have caused cancelations of our Wednesday programs knocking us two weeks off schedule. To quote Ned Kelly such is life. But I will watch this space and I look forward to more structure. One summer plan I have is to build an example structure based on the Vermont science education standards. My crude idea is to upload the entire standards document, and then link to category pages from each requirement. So a hypothesis-testing idea may satisfy standard X, a plant anatomy piece may satisfy Standard Y etc. The same teaching ideas could apply to standards in New Zealand or India and folks familiar with those standards could build their own skeleton and flesh it out by drawing ideas from my program, and other teaching programs here. Can world domination be far behind? (large smile). Dmccabe 03:31, 15 February 2008 (CET)

Dmccabe (talk)15:31, 15 February 2008

Great work on Audacity!

Nice Job Brent! Very inspiring

Leighblackall (talk)16:00, 31 January 2008

Bots for adding a margin to an iDevice

Hi Brent,

As you may have seen I have been updating the default margins for the iDevices. Unfortunately, there is one case where the default fails. I was wondering if a Bot could clean up those cases?

As far as I can figure it would need to search for something like:

== {{iDeviceName

and replace the next instance of



|TopMargin=10px }}

or replace the aforementioned with


I am thinking that a bot that requires user confirmation would be the safest way to go.

Any thoughts on if this is possible?

PS I'm in Auckland for a 6 month contract at UofA -- could discuss over a lunch...

Kruhly (talk)09:06, 10 January 2008

Subject Clssification of WikiEd

Dear Brent,
I liked the idea4content page and its concept of classification. Being a trained librarian working as distance education professional, I think, would be able to support this activity. The world of indexing has changed over the years, and with the social tag based indexing the whole conept of library subject classification has received a new dimension. I alway believed that a web without prooer indexing is less useful, and I am happy that there are various projects going on semantic web that deals with this problem. But, as for wikiEd, we can simply apply a scheme like Dewey Decimal or Universal Decimal system.

with regards,Sanjaya

--Missan 05:30, 27 December 2007 (CET)

Missan (talk)17:30, 27 December 2007

Sanjaya: Thanks for taking a look and please feel free to jump right in on the project. I've just taken a look at all the sites listed and made some notes under the name/link for each one on how they are categorising their content. I'll take a look at Dewey and any other classification systems that you might recommend.

BrentSimpson (talk)17:39, 27 December 2007

Your mission re uncategorised pages

I've noticed your mission to identify uncategorised pages - great idea.

I'm wondering whether we shouldn't develop a series of tip-sheets (mini-tutorials) which we could link folk to a couple of how-to's which are linked from our to-do list / or how you can help WikiEd in the community portal.

Eg how to categorise uncategorised pages etc, how to help the images needed list etc.

I'm also wondering whether we couldn't get a bot to help with uncategorised pages.


Mackiwg (talk)13:53, 27 November 2007
Edited by author.
Last edit: 13:53, 27 November 2007

Wayne: yes, i think that's a great idea. All I have currently done is to point people from the Category:Needs Categorisation page to the Categories part of the tuturial, but perhaps a smaller more directed tutorial on what is required here would be nicer.

Re: bot. Yes, I've been advocating the use of a bot for a while now. Its going to get harder and harder for us humans to keep track of it all. We could quite easily have a bot that adds new pages that don't have Categories to the Needs Categorisation category so that people (not bots :-) ) can actually get in there and do some work figuring out where all this goes. I'll look into the Python Wikipedia bot ( and see if I can get one running to do something like this.

BrentSimpson (talk)13:53, 27 November 2007

Collapsible Tables

Hi Brent,

It was good to chat the other day.

I found this Collapsible Tables link today. It looks more robust that navbar and it does not break when you select the third javascript editing preference (I think it is double click editing).

Kruhly (talk)10:07, 14 December 2007