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Use this form to create a new course page for Otago Poly .. blah, blah, blah.. instructions.


Have created the following templates:

Still need a subpage template for the subpage to Activities ( title/Activities/Name of activity)

--Leighblackall 10:18, 30 October 2007 (CET)

Can't work out how to get rid of the text that is added above the edit box after generating a page... --Leighblackall 10:23, 30 October 2007 (CET)

You've got two editintro= sections. This will put text before the edit box on the next page. Use it to insert instructions on what the user should do in the edit area. It will disappear after saving. PS. fixed a problem with the main template where it wasn't changing the activities and resources links to relative ones after the page had been created. brent 10:47, 30 October 2007 (CET)