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By the end of this lesson students should be able to:
  • use technologies to participate in educational activities

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Key points

Every student at Papanui High School has access to a MyPortfolio account. the students can login to this suing Single Sign-on. To access the site they need to login to papNET first and then CLICK on MyPortfolio from under the Tools Menu. As part of this module students will need to access their portfolio and they will need to start adding information to a page.

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The first thing the students will need to do is to have a look at the book on MyPortfolio. This book takes them through most aspects of MyPortfolio and explains how it works. They may need to refer back to this book later in this module. They may want time to play and explore MyPortfolio. The three other resources under the resource section are careers web sites which they may need to reference when they come to the tasks later in this module. The three sites are: Careers NZ, Kiwi Careers and No Major Drama.

Tasks: The major task for this module is for the students to enter their education, achievements, goals, skills and interests under the resume section of their MyPortfolio. They may need to refer back to the MyPortfolio book to help them. There is also a help video that guides them through this process. When they have completed this, they will need to create a page in MyPortfolio that contains this information. Again there is a help video to guide them in how to do this. There are also instructions in the MyPortfolio book.

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The assessment for this module requires the students to create a page in MyPortfolio and to upload this into the DropBox under assessments. A help video on how to do this is available.

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This module requires students to add content to their MyPortfolio page. They then need to create a page so that they can share this information with others. These skills can then be used in other lessons and situations.