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By the end of this lesson students should be able to:
  • Use ICT to relate to others in positive and meaningful ways.

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Key points

This is quite a long module that contains lots of useful and relevant material. It is important to ensure that the students don't rush through this module. If they need to take an extra week on it then that is fine. The focus of this lesson is to look at how students relate to others online and to look at some of the possible consequences of their actions.

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Most students will have a Facebook account (or similar) so this lesson is relevant to all students. The same principles apply when students are working in MyPortfolio, so it is important for them all to engage with this lesson, even if they don't think that they spend anytime online. The first task is for the students to complete the choice activity indicating whether they have a Facebook account. This is really just to give us some idea as to where students are at. You can view the student responses by CLICKing on the Facebook Choice Activity.

Resources: The resources area contains a wide range of links for students to engage with. Two of the links are compulsory and students will have to view them in order for the activities to be marked as complete. The others are voluntary and students can manually mark these as complete if they view them. It is recommended that students be encouraged to view as many of the resources as possible. The two compulsory resources are: Social Networking in Plain English. This is a video which explains in simple terms what we mean by Social Networking. The second one "Out of your hands" looks at what can happen when you post something online.

Tasks: There are two compulsory tasks and two optional tasks in the module. The compulsory tasks are for the students to watch the BrainPOP video on cyberbullying. This video explains what we mean by cyberbullying. If you need a username and password for the BrainPOP video it is: username: papanuihs password: 22papanuihs. At the end of the video there is also a quiz which you might want to get the students to complete but this isn't compulsory. There is then a page for them to read on cyberbullying. The other two tasks are related to what to do if you are being bullied and a quiz that the students can use to see if they are being bullied. These two tasks should be pointed out to the students and they should all know where to go to get help if they are being bullied.

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The assessment tasks for this module are quite involved and there are several aspects to it. Students need to complete all the components. Their first task is to watch the "Tagged" video. You may want to watch this as a class, but be aware that it is almost 18 minutes long. When students have watched the video their next task will appear. This is a quiz question that gets the students to look at the status updates of the characters in the video. They need to decide who wrote which update. Once they have completed this a forum will appear. In this forum they are required to pick one of the updates and post a reply. Finally they are required to watch three short videos from three of the characters: Jack, Kate and Raz. These videos look at how the characters think and feel three months later. After watching the videos the students need to write a friend request to each of these characters. This needs to be done as a document and will need to be uploaded into the drop box. This can be as a Word document or as a Google Doc. There are instructions on how to do this on the student page.

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This is a fairly long module with lots of scope for discussion. You can be as involved or removed from the discussions as you wish. The main points that you need to ensure that the students have embraced are that they need to think about how they are interacting on line and how their actions online can affect their future.