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By the end of this lesson students should be able to:
  • an understanding of the concept of online privacy and you should know how to set your privacy settings.

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Key points

It is important for students to understand the need to keep safe and “private” online. They also need to think about how much they are revealing, metaphorically and literally online.

There are a few things they can do to improve their personal privacy online. First up, if they are joined to any social networking online communities such as Facebook they can check their privacy settings.

In this module we will look at privacy settings and some of the ways students can ensure that they stay safe online.

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The first three resources which are located under the resource heading are optional for students to access. If the student accesses these sites then they can manually mark that they have completed the task by CLICKing on the tick next to the activity. It is, however, worth pointing out the value of these three resources to the students. The first document explains "How to change your Facebook Privacy Settings". This is useful if students don't know how to change their settings. They should also be encouraged to have a look at their settings and check that they have them on a suitable setting. The second link shows the privacy settings in Facebook. The final link is to a website that explains Internet safety. This site is worth an explore.

Tasks: There are two tasks that are part of this Module. The first one is a page on "Cybersafety". This page contains two videos which the students should watch. You may want to project this in class and watch them together. The students will however need to CLICK onto the file in order for the system to report the task as being complete. The second task is called "Take this lollipop". This task can be manually marked as in order to complete this activity students will need a Facebook account. The program asks the students to login using their Facebook details. This is perfectly safe to do. The program only uses the information for the video, it does not store any of the details. You might want to try this activity yourself is actually quite scary!

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The assessment for this requires students to make a post in the Forum "Discussion on Cybersafety". The students are required to add a comment about what they have learnt this lesson. There are some questions in the forum that they could answer if the get stuck. To complete the task the students MUST post a comment or a reply.

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The main aim of the module is to begin to get students to think about how they are acting online. They should now be thinking about what privacy settings they have set on things like Facebook and what sort of information they are revealing about themselves. This is further discussed in the next lesson.