Digital Citizenship Teacher Guide

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This guide is designed to help teachers support students through the Digital Citizenship course.

It is envisaged that the first lesson on the course will be taken by a member of the ICT PD team. After this students will work on it either in an allocated period, during Form Time, in their own time or during Study. Form Teachers will be responsible for monitoring students progress throughout the course. The role of the Form Teacher is to ensure that students are working through the course and are on track to completing the material within the alloted timeframe. Teachers may also interact with students through the forums.

There are 10 modules in this course and it is envisaged that the students will roughly complete one module a week. Each module is laid out in exactly the same way.

The students are able to access the course anytime. They will however, need access to headphones. Students should be encouraged to bring in a pair from home.

This guide contains details for each of the modules to help you to guide your students through the course. If you have any questions or queries, please contact Jacqui Land (Director of ICT) at