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By the end of this lesson students should be able to:
  • recognise some of the qualities that make a good digital citizen

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Key points

To qualify as a digital citizen, a person generally must have extensive skills, knowledge, and access of using the internet through computers, mobile phones, and web-ready devices to interact with private and public organizations. (Wikipedia, 2012). In this module the students will look at what they think a Digital citizen is and they will come up with their own definition.

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There are three tasks / activities that the students need to complete.

  1. Forum - What does being a good digital citizen mean to you?: In the first activity students are required to add a post to the forum answering the question "What does being a good Digital Citizen mean to you?" Once they have answered this question they need to view two posts from other people and leave a comment / add to their post. You might want to read the posts and responses to check that the students are making suitable / constructive comments. If they need help with how to add a discussion topic their is a help sheet available on their course page. You can obtain a copy by CLICKing HERE
  2. What is a Digital Citizen?: Once students have added their posts to the forum the next task will become visible. They need to read through the page on What is a good digital citizen?
  3. Digital Citizenship Survey: This task requires students to complete a quick survey to gauge how much of a digital citizen they think they are.

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  • Wallwisher: For this assessment students are required to add a post or comment stating their definition of what we mean by Digital Citizenship. They should write this either in txt or "kid speak". The students are to add their comments to the Wallwisher page. Wallwisher is an online program that allows students to post comments and ideas. You can view their comments by CLICKing HERE

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In this lesson the three tasks What does being a good digital citizen mean to you?, What is a Digital Citizen? and the Digital Citizenship survey all need to be completed by the students. These all appear in the Progress Bar in the Block on the right hand side of the papNET page. To check students progress CLICK on Overview of Students underneath the block.