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By the end of this lesson students should be able to:

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Key points

By the end of this introduction all students should be able to login to papNET and the Digital Citizenship course. If a student can't login to papNET then you can check their username and password on Kamar under Student details, it is in a box on the left hand side. If they have their username and password but can't login then please check their password and ensure that they are entering it correctly. The number 1 (one), the lowercase letter l (for lion) and the capital I (for Igloo) all look the same in Kamar. If they still can't get in, please send them to see Craig in the ICT department. (Craig is only here in the mornings). If they can login to papNET but can't get into the Digital Citizenship course then you will need to add them as a user to the course. There are instructions on how to do this on papNET under ICT Support / Moodle Help / Admin. There is an instruction sheet and video. You can access this page by CLICKing HERE If you get really stuck then please contact Jacqui at or you will find her in the ICT Department.

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  • The main purpose of the introduction is to get students to login to papNET and the Digital Citizenship course, so that they can complete the course. (A member of the ICT PD team should be on hand to make sure that this happens smoothly).
  • When students are logged in, they should be able to complete the Computers and the Internet Survey. When students have completed this, a tick will appear next to the task on their page. Computers Survey.jpg.

It will also show in the progress bar and the box for that task will turn green. You can check that students have completed this by CLICKing on "Overview of students" under the progress bar. For more details watch the video on the Progress Bar.

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Before students move onto the first Module they should all be able to login to papNET and the Digital Citizenship course and they should have completed the "Computers and the Internet Survey".