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By the end of this lesson students should be able to:
  • develope some ICT skills to help them become confident and capable users of ICT.

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Key points

The main objective of this lesson is to get students familiar with papNET and Google Apps.

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Under the Resources heading on this course there are three documents / Books that the students need to look at. The first one is on Web browsers, This explains the main differences between the different available browsers. From this page students can also download the different browsers to use at home if they want. We recommend that the students use the Google Chrome Browser as the tools we use at Papanui work best using this browser. There are then two books for the students to look at, one on papNET and one on Google Apps. You may want to give the students some time to play / explore each of these tools. Also remind them that they can refer back to these books at any time. As the students look at these three documents they will be marked as complete. The students will see this as a tick will appear next to the task. You will also be able to check that the have completed these by checking the Progress Bar. When the students have read the Books on papNET and Google Docs] the Task will reveal itself. This is a questionnaire for students to complete. If you need more help on any aspect of Moodle or Google Docs, there are help sheets avaialble on papNET under ICT Support / Moodle Help or ICT Support / Google Help

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The Assessment component of this course is a quiz on On-line Tools. This quiz will appear once the students have completed the Questionnaire.

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This lesson was designed to allow students to become familiar with papNET and Google Docs. It is a good idea to make sure that the students know how to navigate their way around papNET and that they know how to access their GMail and Google Docs accounts.