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By the end of this lesson students should be able to:
  • Demonstrate honesty, integrity and ethical behaviour in your use of ICT

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Key points

Students often use material that they have gained online, but do they ever think about where that material comes from and who owns it. In this module we will look at the types of material that can be obtained online and how to use this material ethically.

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The students begin this lesson by completing an online quiz that looks at their knowledge of plagiarism and copyright. The students then need to read the material that is contained in the Book on Copyright, plagiarism and creative commons and watch the BrainPOP video on Copyright. The username and password for BrainPOP is username: papanuihs password 22papanuihs. When students have completed this they can re-visit the quiz and see if they have changed their ideas and views.

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The assessment for this module requires students to produce a photo remix that explores the theme "Past and present, then and now, yesterday and tomorrow". The students need to use images that are freely licensed for use. Once completed they need to upload their image into the Drop Box. There are instructions available on how to do this. If the class is on an Art rotation they might like to incorporate this as part of an Art project.

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This lesson looks at the idea of plagiarism and copyright. By the end of the lesson the students should be thinking about the material they are copying online and how they are acknowledging its source and using the material in an ethical way.