First Meeting of the OERNZ Planning Team

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Meeting process

This meeting will be conducted openly drawing on the principles of Paliamentary Procedure and working according to the draft agenda.

The following process is used for conducting the meeting:

  • There is a draft discussion area for developing a motion. Each prospective motion is listed as a subpage from this meeting page. Attendees should add their thoughts, comments and suggestions to the draft motion. Due to the asynchronous nature of the meeting, this drafting process is used to minimise unnecessary amendments once a motion is tabled. During this phase the draft is listed as "Under development" in the Motions and votes sub-section below.
  • Once a reasonable level of consensus appears apparent, the chair will suggest that the draft motion be formerly tabled. Technically the Chair cannot table a motion, and this must be done by a member of the meeting. During this phase the motion is listed as "Active: discuss and vote" in the Motions and votes sub-section below.
  • Once the motion has been seconded, voting can commence. Note that seconding a motion does not count as a vote. The person seconding the motion does not necessarily have to agree with the tabled motion. Approval, disapproval or abstention must be indicated by affirmative voting by signing your wiki. Due to the asynchronous nature of the meeting, we do not practice the assumption of assent rule in cases where a member does not cast any votes.
  • Approval of the motion is determined by majority vote being more than 50% of the attendance register for the meeting.
  • Due to time constraints, we shall presume approval of the agenda. Additional items can be listed under other business. In the event that we do not have time to address all matters by the proposed date for adjournment, these will be held over as old business for the 2nd planning meeting.


Dates: 29 October 2009 - 4 November 2009

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In accordance with the planing for the Reusable and portable content project, the objectives of this open meeting are:
  • To discuss, propose and agree the selection criteria for participants of the Train-the-Trainers workshop scheduled to take place on 20 and 21 November 2009 at Christ's College, Christchurch.
  • To discuss, propose and agree on the classification of the different types of OER for the project
  • To develop guidelines for determining the scope of an OER for the purposes of the honorarium.

New Business

  1. Welcome
  2. Motion of confidence -- Chair of the first meeting
  3. Determination of voting rights for international participants
  4. Selection criteria for participants of the Train-the-Trainer's workshop
  5. Determine roles and responsibilities for OERNZ WikiFacilitators / Trainers
  6. Propose guidelines for determining the list of invitees for the Train-the-Trainer's workshop
  7. Identify the types of OER to be developed under the Reusable and portable content project
  8. Develop guidelines for determining the scope of an OER for the honorarium payment
  9. Other business
  10. Adjournment of the meeting


  • Meeting in progress

Attendance register

New Zealand members

International members

Motions and votes

Under development

Active: discuss and vote

On hold

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