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See Workshop Agenda

This page is intended for drafting a tentative invitation list for the OERNZ train-the-trainers workshop. Participants will be selected according to:

This is an open list -- it does not presume availability or authority to travel or attend the workshop. Rather, it is a community generated list intended to identify the candidates we would like to invite to assist OERNZ in building capability for open education and attend the train-the-trainers workshop. Anyone is free to nominate invitees. Note that invitations posted on this list do not assume consent from those we wish to honour in leading our reusable and portable content initiative for New Zealand. We encourage nominators to sign their nominations in the traditions of open philanthropy. We also welcome interested participants to self-nominate -- if you have an interest in building our national OER commons, please add your name to the list :-)

An invitation list

This list is far from complete, and we recognise that we may have missed deserving candidates. WE need your help in identifying OERNZ's rising stars -- help us by adding names to our draft invitation list. In no order of preference, here is a tentative list of candidates we would like to consider for the train-the-trainers workshop (dates and venue to to be determined):

Christchurch 10 December 2009, Confirmed list of attendees

The train the trainers workshop will start at 9am at Christ's College, in Christchurch and adjourn at 5pm. Please arrange for your travel and note "Confirmed" next to your name so we can arrange for catering.