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The OER project for New Zealand schools is an open project designed by teachers for teachers. The Reusable and portable content project calls for the co-creation and co-design of the infrastructure and processes to ensure successful implementation of this national collaborative project. We invite your inputs, ideas and feedback and will use this page as the hub for the collaborative planning of this project. This is a wiki and you a free to change and improve this pages!



Training and capability development

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Establishing New Zealand's OER capability development initiative

Our target for the first year of the project is to train a minimum of 145 teachers in collaborative authoring approaches. We envisage two major activities in achieving this target:

  • Selecting 20 participants for a train-the-trainers workshop for scaling-up and widening professional development opportunities for New Zealand teachers. How should we identify and invite participants? (Reasonable travel and accommodation expenses for prospective trainers will be covered.)
  • Implementing a minimum of 5 online training sessions and 20 "taster sessions" introducing teachers to the wiki model for New Zealand schools. These training initiatives will be conducted by "graduates" of the train-the-trainers workshop. (Trainers will qualify for an honorarium for facilitating and presenting these training workshops.)

We need your help in:

Discussion and feedback