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GNat Parker

After 30 happy and rewarding years as a kaiako and tumuaki in state schools Aotearoa, I departed mainstream education to pursue my own interests around environmental activism, social justice education, animal rights and preformative outdoor art. I also run and co-own Dunedin Electric Bikes, a retail electric bike shop that is part of a workers co-operative whose aim is promote and support change toward a socially just, sustainable low carbon future.

My experience using open education ideals, an envirethical curriculum and the ability to unlock the NZ Curriculum drives my aspirations to share pathways to give ako freedom to learn.

I wear many hats from business person, consultant, artist and activist that intertwine into a well fitting rainbow bike helmet.

My goal is to assist others in the creation of learning systems and outdoor spaces that many educationalists are calling for, what our children deserve, and what our planet needs.


Copies of teaching references and letters of complaint available on request :)



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Quotes and wiki stuff

If you have got this far you had better have some free music

About Me

Learning from those around me - thanks IL!

Educational Journey

  • Business person - DEBs and T.E.A
  • Performing artist at Dunedin Fringe and Blueskin Mullet Festival
  • Community garden kreative kaiako Warrington School.
  • Roving education facilitator - Sheaf Homeschool group
  • Ecosanctuary educator - Orokonui East Otago
  • Job shares, Free softwares and beach cares - Principal of Warrington School, Otago NZ
  • Inquiry based teacher, ICT and brain activated - Deputy Principal of Dunedin North Intermediate, Dunedin NZ
  • Shoulder surfing, rural underling and blind boy teacher - Principal's release teacher and acting principal Waihola, Otago NZ
  • Family freedom, fun, poor and Aspergers - Home school educator of my own 2 children and 6 others in a large shed we called Cre8, Kerikeri NZ
  • Marae neighbor, permaculture and 5 teachers - Principal of Oromahoe School, Bay of Islands NZ
  • Village life, ICT enriched and numeracy - Teacher exchange to Rookhope School, County Durham UK
  • School growth, Inquiry based and meta-cognition interests - Principal of Oromahoe School, Bay of Islands NZ
  • Instant teacher release - just add to a classroom - Part-time teacher Kaikohe West School, Kaikohe NZ
  • Tikanga immersed - whale stranding - Principal of Te Hapua School, Far North NZ
  • Sole charge, sheep and swimming pool included - Principal of Tutamoe School, Northland NZ
  • 6 weekly behavior modules - Teacher Health Camp School, Whangarei NZ
  • Classroom crawling, pancake flipping nose wiping fun - Teacher Special Class Horahora School, Whangarei NZ
  • Principal mentored, hand picked class, special needs satellite children - Teacher Morningside School, Whangarei NZ
  • Cow poo brick kiln, gas rubbish bin raku firing - Barman, artist, Mangapai NZ
  • "I wasn't told it would need experience to teach in the manner that I desired" - Teacher Tikipunga School, Whangarei NZ
  • Nexus - bottom rung is not enough, to initiate change you need to keep climbing - Teacher Misfit Trainee Auckland Teachers College, Auckland NZ
  • Thumbing Kiwi Pom, Europe escapes, life partner found - Travel Tramp, UK and Europe
  • Punk had a lot to answer for - Freedom of Anarchy - Teacher Misfit Trainee Auckland Teachers College, Auckland NZ
  • Block of land, dog mad and pogo denim - Long Bay College Student Punk, Auckland NZ
  • Bare-feet, ice-cream, swiimming-mask, skate-board freedom - Emigrated aged 9 to wonderful, Torbay Auckland NZ
  • Central city fruit shop, multi-cultural school, village based weekends with extended family - Born in, Derby UK

My Qualifications

  • Nursery school was a bleak place for a semolina disliking child.
  • Primary schools of physical knocks Henry Cooper v Cassius Clay, towny v city, Pom v Kiwi etc.
  • Intermediate school was farts, girls and friends - not always in that order.
  • Long Bay College gave me basic school leaving qualifications and with a belief that I wasn't bright enough to go to university.
  • Therefore I applied for teacher's training college.
  • I left teacher's college with a certificate and diploma in teaching.
  • Now as an adult I believe that I am possibly bright enough to gain a university qualification, but at this stage in life no longer see paying for my education necessary when education is free for the taking.
  • I also feel that a diverse life, lived to the full is education to the maximum.

Why Rekrapenator? - Anagram Snake or Ladder Ibogaine


Hey, you sass that hoopy Rekrapenator? There's a frood who really knows where his towel is.</font>

Nate's Play Pen

"Leaders are not what many people think – people with huge crowds following them. 
Leaders are people who go their own way without caring, or even looking to see whether anyone is following them. 
'Leadership qualities' are not the qualities that enable people to attract followers, but those that enable them to do without them. 
They include, at the very least, courage, endurance, patience, humour, flexibility, resourcefulness, determination, 
a keen sense of reality, and the ability to keep a cool and clear head even when things are going badly. 
This is the opposite of the 'charisma' that we hear so much about." - John Holt
  1. A timeline for digital independence is created

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