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By the end of this page you will be able to:

  • List the HTML special characters

Certain reserved characters are part of the XML syntax and will not be interpreted as themselves if used in the data portion of an element. There are some text equivalent strings to represent special characters (starting with an & and ending with a ; (eg. &).The International standards organisation (ISO) has defined character extensions to the standard ASCII set using numerical values (starting with &# and ending with ; (eg. & = &). You need to substitute a special character sequence (called an "entity" by XML) as follows: ^table; Some reserved and special characters

CharacterEntityISO Value
Special Characters  
Registered ®&reg;&#38;
Copyright ©&copy;&#38;
[Left arrow] ← &#8592
Greek characters 
[Alpha] Α &#913
[Omega]Ω &#937

The &apos; is not well supported. There are many more! Ref: Phillips (2000), Appendix D[1]

VmvIcon References.png References

  1. Phillips, L-A. (2000) Using XML, Special Edition, Que, ISBN 0-7897-1996-7

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