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Infobox L.S.Raheja College of Arts and Commerce University of Mumbai [[]]

Contact-new.svg Dr. Rajalakshmy
Employer:L.S.Raheja College of Arts and Commerce, Mumbai, India, [1]
Occupation:Associate Professor, Department of Economics
Nationality:Indian Flag of India.svg

Today is : 18, June 2024

About Myself

I am Dr. Rajalakshmy.I am working in L.s.Raheja College as the Head of the Department of Business economics. I have more than 30 years exp[erience in teaching at various levels including, post graduate students and MBAs. I was actively involved in syllabus framing of the graduate and post graduate courses of Mumbai University for the past seven years .I am a member of the Board of Studies in Business Economics, Mumbai University and also Member of the Faculty of Commerce.

Educational qualifications

I am M.A., Mphil PhD in Economics and my areas of interest are agricultural Economics, Micro and Macro Economucs.


Associate Professor in Economics.

Workshops Attended

Presented paper titled "Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture in the Indian Context " at CESS Hyderabad,for the Sixth Biennial Conference on " Nature, Economy and Society:understanding the Linkages held during 20-22 October 2011

presented paper titled " "  ;


Published article

List of Participants in OER Project of University of Mumbai

  1. Dr.Deshmukh
  2. Dr Sujata Dhopte
  3. Asha Gala
  4. Dr.Sadhana Phadnis
  5. Jayasree Venkatachalam
  6. Dr.Rekha Mahadeshwar
  7. Gayatri Gadgil
  8. Hemangi Bhagwat
  9. Kirti Nakhare
  10. Saroja Ganapati
  11. Aggie Menezes
  12. K N Ghorude
  13. K Venkateswarlu
  14. Rohini Kelkar
  15. Rajan Nadola
  16. S M Sawant
  17. Sanghmitra Mishra
  18. Smita Shukla
  19. Varsha Malawade
  20. Meenakshi Narayanaswamy


Pricing Methods

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