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Registering for the course

Getting started is easy:

  • If you want to receive course announcements from your facilitators via email you will need to:
    • Create an account on WikiEducator and respond to the confirmation email we send.
    • Complete the registration form below once you have logged into WikiEducator.
Register for Scenario Planning for Educators 13.07

You must be logged in and have Javascript enabled to register.

Setting up your personal learning environment for the course

You can get a head start for this online workshop by competing setting up your personal learning environment.

In this preworkshop session you should familiarise yourself with the learning environment for SP4Ed, create the website accounts you need, declare yourself to course participants and register your blog for the aggregated feed.

The screencast below provides an overview on how to navigate the course materials. We recommend that you view it in full-screen mode.

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University of Canterbury.

Learning activities

Task Description
Orient yourself
  • Bookmark the SP4Ed Course homepage and familiarise yourself with the structure and layout of the course materials by exploring the navigation links.
  • Read through this overview of the learning environment, particularly if this is your first open online course.
New participant survey
  • If this is your first online course with the OER university network, please complete the new OERu participant survey. (Estimated time: 5 minutes.)
Create a blog account
  • You will need to create a blog account to participate in this course. If you don't already have a blog or plan to use a separate blog for the course you should create one now. For more information, you can consult the tutorial on creating a blog.
Confirm your blog url Login to WikiEducator and go to the SP4Ed homepage to register or update your blog url. Use the public url for your published blog (not the web address for your dashboard used for editing). We will only harvest posts which are tagged with "SP4Ed" (or label in Blogger).
Create a Microblog account

We use microblogging extensively in this course to connect and share ideas and recommend that you create a microblog account if you don't already have one. For more information, you can consult the tutorial on Microblogging.

Create an account on is a community-based question and answer forum used to support participants in the SP4Ed open course.

For help see: Create account  |  Update profile  |  Overview  |  Tags  |  Find answers  |  Ask a question  |  Karma points  |  Badges

Declare yourself Review the learning environment and publish a post on your blog comprising a few paragraphs (about 300 words in total) introducing yourself and what you would like to achieve by maintaining a blog to support your learning on the SP4Ed course. You can choose to complete the activity using: