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Search box showing questions which contain the ocl4ed and microblog tags.
The text field for the search box is displayed on the top of every screen in ask.oeruniversity.

Users can search by tag or question text. You can search the entire ask.oeruniversity database, however you may find your searches more productive when restricting your search by tag.

Restricting your search by tag

For most OERu and WikiEducator learners we recommend that you restrict your search to the questions containing the allocated course code or tag for your course(s).

If you have already saved your interesting tags, you simply click on the corresponding tag box and the questions containing that tag will be listed in your window. You can see which tag is currently used for listing questions at the top of your screen immediately under the "number of questions" text. The example illustrated in the graphic lists 8 questions which contain both the ocl4ed and microblog tag.

Your search term will now be restricted to the questions using the tag displayed at the top of your screen. You can add additional tags to narrow your search to questions are tagged with multiple tags. For example, all the questions relating to microblogs for the OCL4Ed course use both tags.

Icon activity.jpg
Example of how to restrict your search using multiple tags
  1. Go to ask.oeruniversity
  2. Type "ocl4ed" into the search box, press <Enter> or click on the search magnifying glass.
  3. Click on any of the ocl4ed buttons on the screen. (Note how this button is now displayed at the top of your screen.)
  4. Now type "microblog" into the search box and press <Enter>. (Now the search for the term microblog is restricted to questions which are tagged with ocl4ed.)
  5. Click on any of the microblog tag buttons. (Note how the microblog button is now displayed at the top of your screen.)
  6. Now type the search term "read" into the search box. The search result is now restricted to questions which contain the word read and both the ocl4ed and microblogtags.
  7. You can remove the tag restrictions by clicking on the "X" displayed next to the tag button at the top of your screen. Remove both tags and see what happens. (You should now see all questions and answers in the database which contain the word read, assuming the read search term is still current.)