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About SP4Ed

Scenario planning for educators (SP4Ed) is a free micro Open Online Course (mOOC) offered by the e-Learning Research Lab at the University of Canterbury in collaboration with the OER Foundation. The two week course will simulate the scenario planning process for navigating uncertain education futures.

The SP4Ed mOOC is offered in parallel with the Change with Digital Technologies in Education course (EDEM630) in the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (e-Learning and Digital Technologies) at the University of Canterbury. OERu learners will be participating with registered EDEM630 students.



UC Niki in Otakaro 205 on chair1.JPG
Niki Davis, Acting Pro Vice-Chancellor, Education during 2013 and University of Canterbury Professor of e-Learning and Director of the College of Education e-Learning Lab. See: Bio & welcome video
Wayne Mackintosh Yale 2010.jpg
Wayne Mackintosh, Director, OER Foundation and COL Chair in OER at Otago Polytechnic. See: Bio & welcome video

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