SP4Ed 13.07 Instructions for Session 1: Establish your personal learning environment

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Welcome to Scenario Planning for Educators (SP4Ed) 13.07!

We extend a very warm welcome to you on joining us for this micro Open Online Course (mOOC). We have recorded short videos to welcome you to the course and we look forward to meeting you online.

In our lingo, micro refers to a subcomponent of a university course -- a delivery model which is being trialled for the OER university international network of post-secondary institutions. Students from the University of Canterbury registered for Change with Digital Technologies in Education (EDEM630) in the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (e-Learning and Digital Technologies) will be joining us for SP4Ed 13.07.

This online course is divided into 5 sessions and each session is allocated 2 working days. Over the next two days we invite you to establish your own personal learning environment for SP4Ed. You will find detailed instructions under Session 1 of the workshop schedule. (Click on the little arrow on the right-hand side of the bar for Session 1 to reveal the detailed outline or view this video.)

During Session 1 you will:

  1. Create a course blog, microblog account and ask.oeruniversity account (There are detailed instructions provided in the workshop schedule.)
  2. Complete the new participant survey - it shouldn't take you more than 5 mins (we've tested this ;-))
  3. Very important: If you did not supply a blog URL when registering for the course, after creating your course blog, you must register the URL of your new blog otherwise we won't be able to aggregate your blog posts for the course feed. Login to WikiEducator and click on the Go to your course dashboard to update link on the course homepage to register your blog URL.
  4. If this is your first open online course, we recommend that you read through this overview of the learning environment.

In the spirit of the open movement, we like to "release early" and consult with the community to help us refine our work. During SP4Ed 13.07 we will be trialling a new feature to mark notes as favourites in the SP4Ed feed. This marking feature may not work on all mobile devices, but it is sufficiently mature for testing if you are accessing the course via a desktop computer (see how). Your favourites determine the ranking of the list of popular recent notes. Remember to login to WikiEducator and mark your favourite notes.

We include a few tips below for your information.

Our best wishes for a great learning experience for all involved.

Your facilitators
Niki Davis and Wayne Mackintosh.


  • If you would like to receive email notifications of the course announcements -- you must register for this course. Visit the SP4Ed course homepage and complete the registration form. You will need to log in to WikiEducator to complete the registration form (you can create a free account if you don't already have one.)
  • We have participants from many different time zones. Please follow the course in your own time zone, for example, you should compete the instructions for Monday on your Monday irrespective of the time zone of your facilitators.