SP4Ed 13.07 Instructions for Session 3: A managers perspective of scenario planning

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In this session we explore published scenarios and their decision-making utility

Hi everyone,

Great to see a growing number of interesting SP4Ed perspectives being posted via your blogs, microblogs and WikiEducator WENotes. You can keep track of the posts from the different sources by visiting the SP4Ed aggregated feed.

If you've only just joined us, you will find copies of the previous session announcements linked from the course homepage. Also, if you haven't had a chance yet -- please complete the new participant survey. We have a weekend ahead of us for anyone who wants to catch up - this is the last SP4Ed open course we'll be facilitating this year, so make the most of it!

By now you should have an idea of participants with similar interests to your own -- be sure to make connections. Reply to Tweets and microblog notes you find interesting. Add comments to the blog posts from fellow participants. Remember you can mark your favourite posts in the feed by logging into WikiEducator and clicking on the star (for more info see here ). The power of open courses is in the networking.

During this session, we will review a number of published scenarios from a manager's perspective. The idea is to select a scenario of your choice and to simulate the decisions you would take in your own context. As a group, we are likely to source scenarios of varying quality -- but that's the point. By looking at the strengths and weaknesses of published scenarios in terms of their respective decision-making utility we will get a better idea of the requirements for a "good" scenario before attempting to generate our own scenarios. If you find any scenarios which do not support decision-making in your context -- please share the reasons why in your blog post.

We're fortunate to have video signposts from university leaders who have used scenario planning in the real world taking our open course beyond the confines of theory.

You will find links to the relevant materials and activities for Session 3 on the Workshop schedule page (Click on the down arrow to reveal the outline for Session 3.)

Looking forward to reading the decisions you recommend based on your context and the scenarios you used.

Your facilitators
Niki and Wayne.