SP4Ed 13.07 Instructions for Session 2: Introduction to scenario planning

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Today we begin our journey in planning education futures together!

Kia ora everyone,

Greetings from New Zealand

Welcome to Session 2 of the SP4Ed micro Open Online Course.

Instructions for Session 2

If you haven't had a chance yet, please complete the new participant survey. It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to complete and this information assists us with planning OERu futures.

During Session 2 we will introduce you to the world of scenario planning as a strategic planning methodology. We commence with a short video interview with Niki. Using examples of scenarios you will explore their structural components leading to the formulation of a personal opinion on scenarios, their utility and sharing what you would like to achieve during the workshop. (We're hoping that a few OERu volunteers will consider creating scenarios on the future of the OERu to help us with our strategic planning ;-))

You will find a copy of the detailed instructions in the workshop schedule on WikiEducator.

Note that Session 2 spans two days. You may want to pace yourself by working through the relevant materials to complete the first e-learning activity on Wednesday and the leave the second e-learning activity for Thursday. Remember to keep fellow SP4Ed learners up to date with what you are doing through regular microblog updates.

We include a little feedback on Session 1 and a few tips below.

We're look forward to reading and contributing to your thoughts on the microblog activities for this session.

Have a great day!

Your facilitators
Niki and Wayne.

Number of current registrations

At the time of authoring this post, we've received 117 registrations from 33 different countries.

Feedback on Session 1

Looks like most participants have set up and tested their personal learning environment for the course. Great to see a few blog and microblog posts appearing in the aggregated feed.

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  2. When viewing the aggregated feed, the "time stamp", for instance "about 3 hours ago" or "37 minutes ago" is a link which will take you to the original post. (See: Making the SP4Ed feed work for you.)
  3. If you've just joined us you will find copies of previous course instructions in the announcements box on the course homepage.